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Stays Sharp Forever! Copper Knife TESTED

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Sorry if something I spoke about was lost – I did a mass edit of my descriptions.

25 replies on “Stays Sharp Forever! Copper Knife TESTED”

Who are you to determine what is sharp? Sharp is just a social construct.The knife identifies as sharp, it's sharp.

The best kept secret is in getting a knife that actually can stay sharp for the longest amount of time with the least amount of maintenance while actually being used daily. I know the brand that can do this but it's the best kept secret in the world…to know more you'll have to be ready for Quality

Technically it stays sharp forever.
In the package that is 😂

You should make an video on kitchen cutlery just for kicks.

Danmit Cedric how do you expect to keep the rop industry in business with this garbage

Edit: i just looked up the hrc of copper it 33… Copper knife o.O

Ah? Copper is a very soft ductile metal, so yeah, pretty much goes blunt straight away XDXDXD, expected as much haha.

Sounds like MFG was AOC , facts not important it’s what we are attempting to do that’s important .

Holes in the blade are for reducing suction / vegetables not to stick to the blade like potatoes/ tomatoes

In the packaging, as it was sold, it stays sharp forever. They never said if you use it that it will never get dull 😛 Still, I'm sure in a few billion years it will discintegrate into molecules and not be as sharp any more. Perhaps it will be in a vein of faux-copper that gets discovered by future mankind?

Any chance you can obtain a "Manly Wasp" knife? It's a slip-joint folder in S90V. I have seen a good review of the knife but it was all talk and opinion with nothing to back it up.

You should have known something is wrong when he sent you a knife that never needs sharpening … and a knife sharpener. cough cough

Stays sharp forever(as long as you leave it in original packaging and simply look at it knowing you have a forever sharp knife).
You opened the packaging and used it, there's your problem.

Stays sharp when paired with a KME sharpening system forever. By the way, you're supposed to soak it moonlight for 1 night before using and shout out the words "Bansai!!!" on every stroke you make. You are doing it totally wrong…and in my honest opinion, the knife does look pretty smart(sharp) get what I'm say'n? Hehe.

Kitchen knife standards are what they judged by; bear this in mind. You seldon see super steels on kitchen knifes.

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