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Sandrin Tungsten Carbide Knife review – also Surgery on a grape!

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Sorry if something I spoke about was lost – I did a mass edit of my descriptions.

25 replies on “Sandrin Tungsten Carbide Knife review – also Surgery on a grape!”

I really want to see someone review the upcoming Sandrin Nakiri. It really seems hype worthy, I'm just scared of it breaking. It's harder than the best powder, nitro, special steels by just a few points at this point, but will it stand up as a kitchen knife? They had a video with them chopping through a "nail?" with a rubber mallet, at 71 rockwell..

Very I interesting indeed, amazing edge retention due to the blade material used. However the knife design is not in line with that, it is not ergonomic. You do not want to use the knife as long as it is capable of being used. There for my suggestion would be to use this as the inner steel of a laminated knife, like the Fällkniven knives. The everything comes together for a great performing knife.

They look like a long bladed utility knife – but become prettier than the fanciest handled Bark River after the cut test and grape surgery…

I've been out bush for a few days and missed this meme, I thought you must have been referencing the Chinese CRISPR Frankenbabies they were talking about on the radio. ABC Radio National strangely didn't mention Australian breakthrough grape surgery.

one of sandrin knives has a price tag of $150,000 United States dollars!!! That's right folks $150,000 I think it has a hundred 50 g of platinum 36 diamonds weighing about 25 total carrot and also has Mammoth tooth comprising part of the handle

1500 cuts!!! What in hell do you wash your hands with battery acid? Try diamond compound on cardboard to strop tungsten. BTW…why is it after watching the grape surgery do I have the extreme urge to keep checking the family jewels?

I'm going to buy a couple Sandrin knives in 2019 and add them to my collection! Excellent company with excellent knives.

I wonder if this material is able to be clad between a couple of layers of steel? It would make for one helluva pocket knife for a light use EDC if it could. 🤔

That was really in-depth and thorough sometimes talky ain't bad. Thanks for covering this crazy knife for those of us who might not get a chance.

Kudos on the heads up you're giving for the Charity.

When you were carefully slicing into that purple grape I had flashbacks of 'Silence of the Lambs' when the entomologist was opening up the Death-head moth; I almost expected to hear the voiceover: Somebody grew this guy, fed him honey and nightshade. Kept him warm. Somebody loved him

Interesting knife for sure; I could see carrying this in the breast pocket of a suit or dress slacks, etc. when the most relevant needs would be a thin light very sharp blade.

Can you make an edge retention video and show us how many grapes the knife can skin before it gets unable to do so?

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