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KA-BAR Fighting/Utility Knife review: Modern Incarnation of a Legend

A look at the KA-BAR Model 5011 Fighting/Utility Knife. This version of the classic KA-BAR knife has a 7 inch straight edge blade made from 1095 Cro-Van steel.

This is a modernised version so rather then the traditional leather handle material, Kraton G is used. Likewise the leather sheath has been replaced with a modern Glass Filled Nylon sheath which offers very good retention and is ambitdextrous. Both handle and sheath are Foliage Green in colour. Desert and Black are the other colours available in this line. You can also have a partially serrated edge on these blades.

KA-BAR produces these knives in a multitute of versions. There are the full size model such as this with the 7″ blade, the “Short KA-BAR” with a 5 1/4″ blade, plain edge and parrially serrated blades, GFN sheaths, leather sheaths, leather handles, and a range of commemorative models.

The KA-BAR is a true legend, I don’t think any collection is complete without at least one of these great knives. They are a well finished, quality product and have that indefinable sense of history built in. Value on these is amazing, they are a very affordable knife and are a great example of “high value.”

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I‘ve got the same one. I find it perfect for throwing a 3-5 m, great allrounder for camping and ready to take any task you can throw at it. Great value fir money. I sowed the sheath onto my hiking vest, grip down and its fast to deploy if you need it. Sharpens well and tough as nails!

does anybody know the size of the holes on the sheath? i dont wear jeans too much and need some sort of clip to carry my knife

thanks for the honest review, I just bought the foliage green version with the serrations on Bladeplay after watching this and I love it 👍💯

I like the KaBar 1271 fighter, made in USA, the D2 is also American.Sheaths are from Taiwan or Mexico. My D2 has a good sheath for actual carry and draws quickly.I have it set up for crossdraw.A pistol on my right hip.

At least Taiwan is a US ally SEATO. SOG makes some in communist China. I have a commie Sealpup!

I've come across many photos of broken Kabars over the years. Blade easily snaps in half apparently. I wouldn't trust them.

Never was a huge fan of this knife mostly due to the rat tail tang and guard but this doesn't have the stacked leather which is a bonus.
However, Having gotten one as a gift and holding it its actually a pretty good knife for most of what one would use a knife for.
Sure its still weak at the tang but bearing that in mind,just dont pry with it or chop but I would baton no problem.
I think the kraton handle is a big plus for absorbing shock that could knock the guard loose.
The sheath is also impressive which is rare in knives.

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