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Carbon Fiber Pocket Knife – The Cons and the more Cons

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Sorry if something I spoke about was lost – I did a mass edit of my descriptions.

23 replies on “Carbon Fiber Pocket Knife – The Cons and the more Cons”

Shout out to me for selling knife to Pete. Got from local pawn shop for more than I sold the knife for. Worth the video. Glad you got some use from it before it's doom hahaha

So basically it has has the durability of a shank from The Last of Us that can only be used twice for anything and then it's practically useless cool I mean I'm not bashing on people who like their carbon fiber I personally like the look of it but only as a handle of the knife or a sheath but not as a blade

Way I see it, if you're going to use carbon fiber for a blade, it should only be as a means of reducing weight. Example being, the edge, and spine of the blade should be steel, but the overall body of it would be completely hollowed out, with only a few connector pieces stretching from the spine to the edge. And carbon fiber would just be there to fill in the gaps and overall structure.

I’ll never bitch about 8cr13mov edge retention Again…. well I will still bitch about it but as I do I’ll remember that this exists

It's for not being disarmed in places it's forced upon you. Not a work knife. And don't get a folder. To much metal. Self defence ONLY.

there are a lot of knives out there that are quirky and unique.
unfortunately they usually have a shit blade steel, made of crap material, or just poorly made all together.
this knife would definitely fall into that collector/novelty category.
that being said, I would still totally buy it if it were a more reasonable price like $25-$30.
but I sure as hell am not shelling out over a $100 on a novelty knife.

Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors: a carbon fiber knife cannot cut anything.

kiwami japan: hold my beer

I think those were designed to go through tsa, and make a quick and clean kill. Sort of a James Bond knife😁😁😁

carbon fiber may be good for holding structural integrity but not for holding an edge its just a waste

Think they should use the cf as a cladding over a traditional knife steel would be awesome.

Better carry piece would be a nice Opinel no.8 in Bubinga wood. they come with a mirror polish on the entire blade and have a GORGEOUS reddish brown wood handle!

put a smal steelplade outside of it. you would just need lik 3 mm of it so you could cut wood with it and you would not add much extra weight

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