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The Hidden Woodsmen Belt Pouch Review / Portable Survival Kit!

Today, we take a look at an EDC essential I’ve been carrying daily for 3 years: the Hidden Woodsmen Belt Pouch! Handcrafted and made of the best materials, this pouch is handsome, durable and versatile.

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28 replies on “The Hidden Woodsmen Belt Pouch Review / Portable Survival Kit!”

i love the pouch – you have great gear – the one change i made for mine ( i also carry a pouch ) – i would switch out the knife with the swiss army farmer because it has a saw – which cuts great and has the awl which is extremely useful – you have a great gear

Would u consider doing a revenue on the Tom brown tracker t2 r Tom brown tracker tr they r very good knives I think maybe the Tom brown tracker t1 maybe that would be greater rally like ur chantal like the way u review the knives no one else does it the way u do thank u

I'm old. I have had at least a million pouches, backpacks, etc. My fav now is a really nice leather Coach shoulder bag that I got on a super sale at one of the Outlet stores out here. It's indestructible, and it's LEATHAH. 😉

I hope you include a junkyard fox orange bandanna in the promotional items that you are developing. I would love to get one for my hunting gear kit! Nice video.

I have there haversack great bag but for me that’s enough when paired with my Duluth backpack but great quality for anyone looking for a belt pouch.

@Junkyard Fox If you ever want to do a backcountry survival video about the outskirts of Vegas, let me know. I know a lot of the best spots.

Content Idea – Do a period survival channel of what life was like for the average Texas in the early 1800's….pre-Indendence. There are some incredible period re-enactor/survivalists that are in love with a certain period. And they do videos on what survival meant in that period (1700's Scottish Highlands, 1700's in New England, Mountain Men of the 1800's in Alaska, and tons more in Europe). I wander if you're interested in researching that and trying to recreate that in (at first) a super low budget way….(what would a Texian in 1802 have in their kit)? Do it it normal clothes and have modern equipment for a safety backup, but it would be fascinating!

A new fan of the Junkyard Fox, really enjoy your videos, and Cuervo Negro. I will be changing out some of my gear, thanks for the demo's.

Hi from Scotland. The first thing I liked was you saying its not the biggest pack, its not a huge bug out kit … BUT … its not supposed to be! To many guys are "saying" they carry a massive pack crammed to the top with gear. Not for an EDC / EDC mini survival which this kit is. Good little pouch and a nice selection of kit. Atb Jim

Any kind of pouch to make our gear easier to access is a win in my book. Been meaning to get one of these. I will soon.

At Plow and Hearth, you can get 50 lbs of fatwood for about $60.00. Buy your own aluminum containers at Amazon and you are saving a bunch of money over buying small containers of fatwood from prepper or bushcraft sites. Not saying that they don't have some good products, but, do a little research. Love your channel.

Great review brother! I've been thinking about grabbing their haverack for a while now! Thanks for sharing and have a blessed holiday

I wonder if Boba Fett carried the five C's? Nice load out! I love mine. I don't carry as much stuff in it but boy does it come in handy and I forget it's even there. Great gear! Atb Sean

Nice collection James! While I don't have a Hidden Woodsman pouch (yet!) I wear a dump pouch every day. FYI (for the viewers) the small flat head screwdriver also works on a lot of Phillips screws, I also edc a Huntsman!

I’ve got 5 of these pouches. I even carry one at work. A very simple but yet very versatile pouch. And of course thanks to Malcom they’re bombproof.
That’s a really good kit you put together. Gonna have to buy another pouch! Lol!

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