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Spec-Ops T.H.E. EDC Pack Review

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I've got one that a friend had for about 15 years , then gave it to me and I've got 3 and it is still going strong. Just more proof of by once don't cry later.

Would it be possible to dx my pack with the old acu print for a coyote color? I have to wear my new OCP and I can't with the old digiprint. Please advise!

I'm looking at this and the Direct Action Ghost. Which would you recommend if you had to choose between the two? Thanks.

Can it be used for college? My youngest is starting this fall and I want to give her something that lasts.

good bag but for what i see only have basic 1000d cordura..not water resistent teflon coat etc…and the back not good ventilation

how do u compare this pack with the dragon egg? another good pack is the mil spec boss beaver for edc or get home. they have awesome urban color. black scout survival did a great review on it.

hey man I like the jacket where'd you get it check out my channel my videos are not as good as yours but it's swellKat2013

Been thinking about getting a pouch for edc so it can fit in my college bag. I looked at a few like Condor, but not sure which one. Also, keep in mind of it being budget friendly. As someone that doesn't have a lot of money to spend on everything.

Living survival! Great video man I always look forward to your reviews. Definitely my favorite channel to watch! Can you do custom viewer request videos?

I was told by SOB that they should have a frame sheet (similar to the one for their T.H.E. pack) available in the near future. As of Dec 17, 2015, they were "in the planning stage." I assume the frame should be no more than $35. The frame system available for its bigger brother (plastic sheet with two full lengths aluminum stays) makes a world of difference. So for $100, the EDC is one hell of a USA (Texas!) made pack, like its big bro. ~$135, with a frame, it cannot be beat by ANY other manufacturer in regards to quality:price. Cheers. Great review!

Good overview of the pack. Thanks for showing yourself wearing the pack, something most YouTube reviews omit or ignore. For reference, how tall/big are you? That would help me determine how this pack would fit me.


nice video, I subbed 🙂 I love survival, I might do some vids of my own, and I think yours are great for me to learn from, and maybe get some ideas about what looks like a great place to film, outside 😀

Hi Ben, thank you for showing us this nice pack from Spec Ops. Had been their supporter years back till recently they had stop sending purchase to Singapore.
Was force to change to Direct Action and feel that their stuff are not too bad as well.
Merry Christmas and Happy New year to you and your family!!

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