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Henry US Survival Kit

Sensible Prepper Presents: The Henry Rifles US Survival Kit. With over 29 items packed in a compact aluminum tin, this is an excellent companion for every adventure. Henry Repeating Arms

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22 replies on “Henry US Survival Kit”

If I can't use it to cook with , then why do I want to buy it.
Does it come with toilet paper?
2 more reasons why I'll leave right there. Ain't worth a 100 bucks.

Definitely is a nice kit but for a hundred bucks I'll pass I'd rather throw my own together In a tin that I can use to cook out of.

As a geologist with 30 years of experience and a guy who has been involved in mountaineering and backpacking for over 40 years, I have to call bullshit on this box of trinkets. I am a huge Henry fan, but this is BS. First of all, as a person who works and plays in remote areas in all seasons, I can tell you that "survival" situations are EXTREMELY RARE. Secondly, the most important survival tool is some form of communication. I generally carry a powerful radio with me along with a map and compass if I am going to be in serious backcountry. For those so called "survival" situations where the jeep or yukon has slid of the road, there is no need for a little tin of trinkets. I have a small duffle bag with backpack straps loaded with food water, a serious med kit, a parka, socks, gloves, hat, a small stove and nesting pot, fire starters, a short machete, about 6 packages of freeze dried food along with canned meats. Also I usually carry a Bond Arms snake slayer and keep a box of shot shells in the yukon with tools. The AR-7 just is too unreliable – at least mine is. Plus, its not a great choice for defense. I have never felt that my life was in jepardoy over the past 40 years. If youre worried about survival here is a tip: get off your fat, sloppy ass and work out. Run, develop your endurance and physical strength. Carrying around crap in a can isnt going to do you much good if your so fat and weak you cant do whats needed. If you have to walk out – its gonna take endurance. Most of this survival stuff is for fat boys who never get more than 2 miles off a road or suburban idiots who think that a hike in the local park is some kind of dangerous adventure. As for books on survival – read "Deep Survival". Its a study of why some people survive bad situations and why others do not. It doesnt involve any little cans of trinkets.

For $100 the container could have been food grade stainless steel and capable of boiling water. Still it is ine of the best prebuilt kits I have seen.

I'm so tired of seeing junk promoted and sold as "survival" gear. And I honestly can't stand your videos now because they've devolved to bullshit. "Oh look how great this little worthless multitool is" "using rubber tubing as a Tourniquet, so many other examples but you're hyping things up and to the ignorant person they'll buy into it. $100 for a survival tin full of cheap worthless crap? We all know you're getting paid to do this shit. Where are the people who still have pride in being honest. Do you know what's better than a few matches? A damn bic lighter in a vacuum sealed bag. An actual ferro rod not cheap Chinese shit, a sawyer mini, vitamins not bullion, some wet fire tinder, screw the "pocket saw" those are garbage, in a survival situation you wouldn't want to expend the calories "sawing" through twigs for firewood, those "saws" can't handle more than 4" diameter and you're much better off breaking sticks by hand. 99% of these "survival kits" on the market are nothing but a gimmick. If you want a real survival kit go out and put your gear to use. Spend a week living off that tin and maybe the knife you have in your pocket and the rifle. I'm willing to bet money it would be hell. Get out and build your own kit, something that you are proficient with, know every tool and its place, and have put it to use. And for the love of god quit telling people "oh you can use this as a tourniquet" go out and spend the money on a real CAT tourniquet!!! They're small and compact enough to keep multiple on you at all times, and so is a pack of compressed gauze, and maybe a chest seal if you're planning on getting shot. Btw the only thing that ruler is good for measuring is your dick. I never comment on any videos or start problems. But I have a serious issue with you promoting garbage that god forbid someone will have to rely on someday.

LMAO at the intro. Go camping city slicker. And YOU are NOT those of us who are "outdoors". Stop kidding yourself. …blah blah blah you say…space blanket…blah blah blah. Fvcking go camping in a mid winter storm with your dumbshit tarp and spaceblanket and then report back after you died of hypothermia dumbass city slicker.

you can get the kutlasted minimaster multitool at the boyscouts of America store in mobile Alabama for $2-$5….I am a former boy scout and know from experience.

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