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Battlbox (Battle Box) Mission 43 EDC 3.0 – September 2018 – Pro Plus Unboxing and Review

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29 replies on “Battlbox (Battle Box) Mission 43 EDC 3.0 – September 2018 – Pro Plus Unboxing and Review”

I've never heard of an "edc roll" but love the concept. Yeah, I can't see carrying it in your pockets everyday, but throwing in your lunch box for work, a mini bug out kit, a quick tool bag for the boat or 4 wheeler. Just off the top of my head, maybe throw a small "booboo" kit in with some of your daily meds and other things you need on the daily, but don't want to load up your pockets with, toss in in your lunch box and head to work. I like that and think I'll look into one

Knife laws,,, 3,5” max in most areas of wa. State . Just a reminder… the knives are cool though. Olight is alway two thumbs up. H1r nova headlight rocks!!

Great video doc,the knifes were all good to me.olight I need to find one and check it out..
Thanks again

That's the same steel they in most Mora knives, good enough for Mora good enough for most people. Especially if all they are going to use it for is cutting paper and cardboard.

Again, how many knives and flashlights do you need? It's just more over valued stuff you don't really need and you end up paying double its actual value. And that's why I no longer subscribe to their "service".

Some OK stuff I'm more of a minimalist I usually carry two knives a saw and axe with everything else in a pack but some of that stuff looks interesting to check out

That key ring is really nice. I’ll be honest I’d use that a lot. But then again that’s because I change out keys a lot

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