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Schrade SCHF42 Knife Review: Budget Meets Quality

It is every hard to find a knife these days that offers the features, design, and quality for under $50. Schrade is doing just that with this design from Brian Griffin.

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14 replies on “Schrade SCHF42 Knife Review: Budget Meets Quality”

Would you take this over the Tops BOB I’m stuck between the two very different price point but willing to pay it if it’s way better

Chopping with a 4 or even a 6 inch blade will give you nothing but hard exhausting work, ideally you need a 8 inch plus for any chopping if you don’t believe me try both side by side

I have see video`s of too many Schrade knives were the tip snaps off with little effort or edge warping or a massive chip breaking off, some within minutes of coming out of the box and the replacement blade breaking just as easy, Maybe these were the made in China models, hopefully the Taiwan made ones are better quality.

The one I received is just horrible. The edge grind was so far off center that I'm still working on it with my diamond rods to get it evened out. The handle scales were literally loose to the touch, I had to remove the screws and apply loctite. My Chinese made schf 52 & 56lm were of much better quality and ready to use out of box – but not this Taiwan made knife. I like the design of this knife but I've spent more time trying to make this knife usable than any other knife I ever bought. Urrggg!

gideonstactical, would you consider doing a review for the Schrade SCHF55 ? (the little brother of the SCHF42, also designed by Brian Griffin) I certainly look forward to viewing it 🙂

Do you collect knives just for looks and keep some stuff just lying around or do you do collect and use knives? I see you have a collection, do you rotate blades or simply get rid of blades not in use? I'm just starting out and I have some blades. I'm not sure to buy and expand my variety or just keep to the ammount I own. I mean, I'm doing well with what I have. I'm not sure what buying more would do. Can you tell me why you have so many blades? Maybe it'll push me in buying more. Thanks ( Blades I own: BK16, Esee 6, Bk9, Doug Ritter RSK. Schrade 42)

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