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Real [SHARP] CS:GO Asiimov Butterfly Knife Review!

Today for the FIRST TIME EVER we’re looking at a Sharpened CS:Go butterfly knife replica!
This model is a fan Favorite, the Asiimov design!
If you want one Sharp or Dull, you can find them here:

no-music version:

Song: ES_Pumping Adrenaline 2 |By: Niklas Gustavsson

Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound:

21 replies on “Real [SHARP] CS:GO Asiimov Butterfly Knife Review!”

I've Got a lot of new videos in the works!
More cs:go stuff too, but unfortunately only one more butterfly knife video(after this one) for now,
But I'm working on getting more, so stay tuned.
New Videos every monday!

"You can cut youself, but that will never happen to me cuz i'm a professional" HAS A BANDAID ON HIS FINGER

You should see the 2019 version that will soon be released (check possible design on redline fundraiser)

when i see a BANDAID from self-proclaimed professionals wwwwwwwwwwoooooooooooooooo TOO DANGEROUS for NOOBS

You clearly don't play csgo. Asimov skins available are, P90, P250, AWP, and after danger zone update AK47

Your calling your self a professional but the only thing your good at is the basic opening and the thumb roll over

Do you know what screw driver these take for the screws and what screws they take, and if they are the same as the cutss knives

I bought the black and red one and after about a month the screws kept on coming out and the spring latch stopped working is this one any better?

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