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Knife review: Moki MK-01K Renaissance: a classic reborn

Moki is a Japanese knife manufacturer with stellar reputation since their beginnings in 1907. These days, several western companies with high quality requirements outsource production to Moki. In addition Moki offers their own range of suave, perfectionist knives.
In this clip we have a look at a limited reproduction of an ancient flagship Moki, a perfectly made and very elegant slipjoint knife that looks similar to traditional American knives. If you like Case, Queen or G.E.C. knives, have a look at this clip and discover a tempting alternative !

13 replies on “Knife review: Moki MK-01K Renaissance: a classic reborn”

Nice to watch in 2019.
These 2 Moki knives are definitely collectors pieces!
Moki is the best at what they do, hands down.

11:35 thats like convicting you of a crime before you commit it, sad we have governments that treat their people in such ways.  Nice review, wonderful knife 

out of all of their knives i think this one is the most elegant and classy. very nice acquisition.

@captainpegs07 Great Eastern Cutlery has a "Acorn" line does use 440C. Queen Cutlery does offer trappers and stockman in D2 (A. G. Russell and online retailer does handle Queen).

In the USA the Moki would be called a single spear blade teardrop "jack" knife. Which was one of the two pocket knives my grand father like (the other being a two blade Barlow". I like the fact that your Moki has flat scales, Jack are most of the time a fat rounded handle, I do you like your knife review and food reviews, An I hope you do not stop !!! I like seen the euro old pattern knives, I just never see them in the USA out side of a catalog. Have you ever look at a "Whittler" pocket knife ?

i love the spear point blades. this looks like a very classy knife. thank you for sharing.

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