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Ka Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife Review – Ka Bar TDI 1477 and TDI 1485

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In this video a do a side-by-side comparison of the Ka Bar TDI Law Enforcement Knife. Models reviewed are the 1477 and 1485. I’ve seen a few holster makers adding a sheath to their designs specifically for this knife so I wanted to see what was so special about this knife. I can say it’s the design.

Ka Bar did an amazing job with knife. Angle on the blade is perfect and allows you to have a solid grip on the blade. Holster is designed for the 1477 Model (smaller blade) but the 1485 is a solid knife. Thing is razor sharp.

1477 Model:
Coyote Brown:
Overall length 5-5/8 inch
Weight: 0.18 lb.
Blade length 2-15/16″
Overall length 5-5/8″

1485 Model:
Overall length: 7 9/16″, Blade Length: 3 11/16″
Steel: 1095 AUS 8A
Blade Shape: Tanto
Grind: Hollow
HRC Rating: 57-59

From Pacific TacWest, thanks for watching.

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I have the small non-serrated small guy. I was the kind of knob who didn't like serrations either. And I obviously had no idea wtf i was on about. I bought a Spyderco Enuff Sheepsfoot because i got a good deal, and i liked the look of the serrations. Well in doing a little research on serrated knives, it turns out that they cut 4X better then non-serrated. And in practicing slicing through some old clothes, and jackets set up too see what my knives would do if someone was wearing lots of of clothes and if they were weari g a heavy jacket too because of the season like now, in winter. Well long sentence short, i was disappointed with more of their performances then i had any inkling of!!! And then i got that Serrated knife, and other then zippers, it shreds EVERYTHING to ribbons. So i went and got the Cold Steel Voyager Vaquero serrated XL. It's the literal best cutting knife on the market bar none!!!

Good video photography knife is shown clearly not too far but just right. Makes me want to buy that small knife for edc self-defense.

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