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Knives and EDC Gear From Blade Show 2019

Here’s what I came home with from Blade Show 2019:
– Guardian Tactical Recon 035 OTF
– Koch Tools Wasp OD Canvas Micarta
– Koch Tools OD Micarta Ball Nose Bead
– Olight S1R Baton II Winter
– Buck 110 Slim Pro
– WESN Allman
– WESN Ti Microblade
– Benchmade Work Sharp Edge Maintenance Tool
– Hell-Bent Holsters 3.0 Wallet
– Hell-Bent Holsters Titanium Money Clip
– Summit Knife Co Half Dome
– Ripp’s Garage Tech Milled Titanium Clip
– Knife Pivot Lube
– Knife Pivot Lube Heavy
– Winkler Knives Neck Knife

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11 replies on “Knives and EDC Gear From Blade Show 2019”

Wish i could have gone, i live in Seattle, Washington so Atlanta is pretty far away. Looks like you got a couple thousand more subs though, so good job man!

Great Coverage On The Knife Show. I Have Never Been But I Can Imagine It's Like A Real Circus Not In A Bad Way. I Am Sure There Were Way Too Many Things To See In 3 Days. I Have Been Watching Your Chanel For A While Now. Question How Do I Submit My EDC To You I Have Just Received My Last Part Of My EDC For A While…

Fantastic vid… I'm lightweight hype to learn about your edc channel. You need to get Michael Fisher hip to the knife game.

I have a question for anyone that might know. Is There a pocket or small knife sharpener that has been made with raised part. That You can lay the knife blade on and not have to move off the angle raised part. Wile You are moveing the knife to sharpen it. As I just can not keep or for that matter know what the angle would be. With out the angle raised parts. I hope this makes sense to someone out there. Thanks.

I love the 80s Music Starting music. I do not know if it is 80s music but it has that sound. Love it.

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