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Glock Model 81 Knife Review

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17 replies on “Glock Model 81 Knife Review”

hmm was looking at this knife to buy, not entirely sure about it, it would be mostly used for batoning and preparing firewood. Can you recommend any others around the same price (Below £40) and maybe where to buy them perty please??

Splitting fire wood with a knife only works on dry logs. I and a couple of friends done the fire wood duty on a farm a couple of months ago, and i tried to test a large heavy kabar on that task. After one embarrassing, time consuming and difficult split i switched back to the heavy axe. Knifes do not work well at all for that task, nomatter how large they are.(I tried it before several times, it alway sucked)

There is a model 78 which does not have the saw, I have used the saw but it took a lot of effort.

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