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Gil Hibben Expendables Bowie knife review

Giving my 2 cents on the Gil Hibben Expendables Bowie.

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Its a real nice display peice but it will break with any real use. It might hold up for a few log chops but really processing firewood with this and it will break. It's just not intended for that. The Chinese steel and plastic made pretty but not tuff. Cool video tho.:) its rad to see it actually performing work tasks. Btw…a buoy is a flotation device. πŸ˜‰ a bowie knife is a part of history and just all around an amazing blade!

I don't buy wall hangers, I expected this to be one. Now because of this video I've gotta own it. Damn you Donnie B! Damn you all day!

I have the Bloodwood Edition of this knife coming Thursday. Can’t wait! My 3rd Bowie knife purchase since subbing a little over a week ago. You’re killing me Donnie! πŸ˜‚

Thanks for this video..I never expected this knife would perform so good.
I have the Rambo 1..2 and 3 and I have tested them..even a little battoning and they perform all good.
But my real workhorses are the Mtech raptor bowie..the Ontario Sp10 marine raider..the Ka Bar D2 steel..and the Kershaw camp 18.
But I love all my blades..
It's always important to know the limits of your blades..and to know something about the steel they are made from..the tang..the grinds..
Every knife can perform within his limits.
And the knives today are made well.
Even the hollow handles.
People talk bad about some knives because they don't know how to work with it.

Hi mate. I collect knives and was indecisive about this one for ages. I was in love with the aesthetics but could never find a good video on functionality, I did however gamble last year and sods law a video like yours is pops up after!! Mine is an official one like yours but the very, very small point of the tip is slightly bent over, I was quite pissed off but I'm having it sharpened out next week, so it's all fine. I think seeing the more practical side of a knife in a review could really help sway somebody's decision to buy, so keep up the good work πŸ‘

I lost so much money betting against the Globetrotters something wasn't right with those Washington generals

Been wondering about this knife. Love Hibbens knives too, useful and look good with quality sheaths. Great review.

At least you tested it…I appreciate that. It stood up well for the amount of quality in it.

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