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Bark River JX6 Knife Review. Sold Out Everywhere and Not Available. DONT WATCH!

The Bark River JX6 is one of the better small fixed blade knives you can’t currently buy. Designed by Preparemind101 or his Christian name Chris Tanner, this tiny beaut is perfect for camp chores and bushcraft adventures. If you were able to buy it, you could find it in A2 Carbon Steel and CPM154- but you can’t find it. In this amazing review I compare this knife to others knives, like the Esee Izula, the Mora Companion and Eldris, and the Chris Reeve Sebenza- for no good reason. If you like knife reviews, you might like this channel. If you don’t like the video then go jump in a lake.
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10 replies on “Bark River JX6 Knife Review. Sold Out Everywhere and Not Available. DONT WATCH!”

Once again!!! The best review online ever!!! If 8.5lbs baby Jesus would do any review he would copy u!!!!!

#barkriverfanfictonwank….make it a thing…..I would call that a skinner, it just begs to cut a fat hog in the ass. This is the first barkriver I have seen that I think I like and they dont make it anymore? Fuck Wranglerstar.

I will always love 1095. So long as something is affordable, it's a great option. I will never understand the steel snobs. You use your knife to open the package of cat food you bought on Amazon because you didn't want to put on pants and go to the store. It doesn't need to be forged by Hephaestus. I opened a box with a spatula the other day.

I've really been wanting to get the bush bat any thoughts on that? Likes / dislikes? Or do you like the jx-6 better. Oh and neeeever use the mouse pad method lol. Always love your video's man

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