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Survival Kit Knife Review

Round up of some of the most effective Survival Tin Knives.
Tops Knives Turley Knife
CRKT Doug Ritter MK5
Derma-Safe Razor

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All survival tins are as stupid and a useless as a screen door on a submarine. Even the SAS kit they're all based on was issued for morale, mor ethan for any hope one would actually save a life.

You have to be dumber than a sack of hammers to EVER get caught with a survival tin as you hope of staying alive.

You also have to be dumber than a sack of hammers if you ever, for any reason, need a knife like any one of those. You have pockets. Use your brain and put a woodsman's pocketknife in one of those pockets, and leave it there. This means a knife with more than one blade, preferably a Stockman, a Trapper, or a Swiss Army knife.

One good, real woodsman's pocketknife is worth more than a thousand pounds of crap like this, or a million "survival" tins.

There are no words to describe how stupid the folding knife you have in this video is. Almost as stupid as using a knife on the end of a spear when it's your ONLY blade.

And why in God's name would anyone with more than two brain cells ever, for any reason, go out into the woods without the right gear and the right full size tools? There simply is no situation where anyone should ever go into the woods with crap like this. No one should be that brain dead.

Nice rundown! The Ritter is a pretty good knife for the size. I'd like to try the Tops Turley sometime.

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