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Summit Knife Half Dome Review. I compare two EDC knives.

Summit Knife company has release it’s first knife- The Half Dome in 3 different trim options. This review covers the micarta and full titanium versions of this knife. It’s a small blunted tip knife made to be rugged and rust resistant in the outdoors, whilsta camping, hiking, or fidgeting with at your desk. In this video you’ll see it compared to the Spyderco Delica, Para 3, and Para Military 2. The Half Dome, is named after the famous mountain in Yosemite, made by Fox Knives in Italy, and designed by Tommaso Rumici.
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I just bought a Spyderco Caribbean because of you, as well as reviews by Nick Shabazz, and Cedric and Ada Outdoors. I feel like we have a strange bond now, like if we ever met we'd do that handshake/muscle flex thing from the Predator movie. Anyway, great review as always keep on being your advanced self!

Upon hearing this: "Just cut the rope! You're gunna kill your sister!!" My morning was ejected through my nose! AKB voices his sarcasm to perfection!

Good bait. I almost looked it up just to tell you what that clip is called.

Bait of Excellent quality.

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