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My Survival Kit + Daypack + Pocket Kit

About time eh?

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Gear List:

Backpack: WiSport Sparrow 20L
Knife: Becker BK-7 (
Smith’s Pocket Sharpener (
Bear Gryll’s Fire-Steel (
Stainless Steel Waterbottle (The Range)
Stainless Steel Cup/Toothbrush holder (ASDA)
Charcloth Tin (Self made from an air rifle pellet tin)
15x15cm Wire Mesh (
Eco-straw (
4x Tent Pegs (
Sheath for gathering materials (TP-1700 Camlink Tripod Case)
Cotton Bandanna
Paracord Hammock & Tarp – (

Gelert Solo Tent (
Blanket (Tescos)
Yellowstone Eva Camping Mat (
Highlander Voyager Lite Sleeping Bag (

Pencil Sharpener (Dat WH Smith’s swag)
Silva Field Compass (
Stormproof Matches (BCB –
Ordinary Matches (Swan)
Anti Septic Wipes (ASDA)
Duct Tape
Fishing line (From a BCB Pocket Fishing Kit –
550 Paracord (
Tin Foil
Oasis Water Purification Tablets (
Sandwich Bag
Spare Fire-steel (BCB Fireball –
Emergency Whistle (Taken from a Bear Grylls Fire-Steel)
Multitool Blade
Fish Hooks (BCB Pocket Kit –

Spare Compass
2x Victor Wooden Rattrap (
Pocket Fishing Kit (Taken from BCB Fishing Kit –
Brass Wire Snares (
Brass wire (
Durasonic Wind-up Radio (
Hygiene Kit (Tweezers, Nailclippers, Toothbrush, Signal Mirror, Scizzors)
3 Tritronic LED Wind up Torch (ASDA or
Aluminium Mess Tin
1000x .22 Pellets
Kral Devil .22
3x Peanut Butter
Sugar, Salt, Coffee

Outdoor skills for wilderness survival, bushcraft, hiking and camping.



Video requests are welcome – if you’d like to see a particular skill that I’ve not yet shown then feel free to leave a comment. Anything from fire-building, friction fire, fire from natural materials, tinders, charring, wild edibles, plant identification, fungi/slime mold identification, medicinal plants, wilderness first aid and wound treatment, camp cooking, water filtration and purification, natural shelter building, shelter building with synthetic materials, navigation without a compass, improvised compasses, primitive weaponry, primitive trapping, gear reviews, survival kits and gear requests.


21 replies on “My Survival Kit + Daypack + Pocket Kit”

that seems to be a very well thought out kit. respect! If you could really use it as a bug out bag, that must be one of the minimalistic ones I have seen so far.

be some great shit after 3 days of p.b, every fucking animal in the forest would be like "WTF made THIS!)

I have found that those little cheap steel wire picture hanger kits can be modified so easy into snares and they usually only cost like a buck or two, I've got five in my get home bag now. They aren't great for extended use though because they will eventually start to rust but in a pinch, they can save your bacon!

I like your style and chat. It's informative & easy to listen to but like many others is cold weather survival. I would be interested what sort of survival kit you would put to together in an outback bush environment. I mean it's 45C (115F) in the shade. Any water you can find is usually badly muddied or stagnated, infested or bore water. If you drink that you shit your self to death, it's full of sulfur etc. There are deadly snakes, scorpions, and spiders wandering about. In such temperatures & low humidity you die of dehydration in 24hrs. The moment you fall your in danger. I've seen a carcass of an emu gone in four hours, by wild pigs. This is outback, the bad lands of Australia! No body makes survival videos about that and I've seen the worst of it. Can you do it for me?

Real tent, sleeping bag, real fishing pole, knife, real lighters, boots, sleeping bag, real pot, water tablets. Let's get real.

Great content, great voice, but why the crude jokes – it’s not only ‘small d**k’ blokes who watch your videos. Your limiting your viewership/subscriptions.

Great ideas what about bears ?? Don’t have any guns lots of bears any suggestions would be appreciated Thank you Peace

Carry a small daypack wherever you go. The more persistently you carry it, the more likely you will have it when you need it. Just remember the "Cs":
Cut, cover, container, cordage, cot, combustion, clothing, carry, cooking, cure/correct, collect, catch, and of course it's always convenient to have a map and a good compass, and a cell phone.
As many of those as you can get into a small pack, to keep handy at all times, will help when you need to get going. Good luck.

It’s interesting how you keep your role mat inside your sleeping bag, does that provide any advantages?

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