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LT Wright Handcrafted Knives GNS Saber Knife Review

LT Wright’s GNS (Go No Show) Designed by Self Reliance Illustrated.

Steel – 01 tool steel
Saber Grind
Overall Length 9.5″
Handle Length 5″
Blade Length 4.5″
Sharpened Edge 4.25″
Thickness 1/8″

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Say Heah Joe, yeah, me and my 3V GNS did a lot of Afternoon Delight's since this video, I also don't regret the Canyon Black Mountain Track G-10 handles I got it in. My edge on my Saber Grind was always without any deformation, and even after using it like I do, Actually I love my 3V GNS. Again, Thanx You. Dilly Dilly.,,.p

A friend of yours sent you a piece of wood as a gift all the way from Texas? What a generous guy. Does he take the same wood , char it until it's coal and stuff it in his kids stockings as Christmas gifts? Lol, I'm just givin' the dude a hard time . Kick ass knife though, just got mine in the mail.

I would love a GNS with the Genesis handle, CPM3V, and an exposed pommel like a Garberg. A combination of those design features would make a perfect wood carving bushcraft knife for me.

you are the only one who said so far that's it's a ray mears woodlore style knife, the reason why i bought one. got the cpm 3v saber in black & red micarta.

Say Heah Joe, Where did you get those Kewl loafers, I like them, But also Thanx I really liked you setting me straight on that GNS. You simplified what I was l@@king for.,,.

Say Heah Joe, I don't know why I was so interested in the Genesis, When the Guns is what I really am looking for. Yeah, I like more of a slender pointier tip, The Genesis is prolly still a bit more pointier than my vintage Blind Horse Bushcrafter, Now that I think of it, I think I had my Bushcrafter made with less belly and I had my handles made flat with rounded corners rather than the round broomstick handle I don't like. I know I have better control with a flat handle, sort of why hockey sticks are not round handled. Anyhow, Boy am I glad I ran into this video. I know now what I want now. I really like the way my Bushcrafter came out and how it works wood for me. I almost forgot what all I had done to it. But this is more what I was l@@king for. Yeah, I got use to using my Bushcraft no doubt. But there's an advantage for a pointier tip especially with small curves, like when making pot hangers. Thanx, Joe, you saved the day.,,.

Based on your videos on the GNS (Especially the look at the GNS and Genesis side-by-side) I bought the GNS saber grind in 3V today. Also bought the JX6 in CPM 154. Good knife day in Far-Nor_Cal.
Thanks for all the work on the reviews, I enjoy and appreciate them.

gns scandy vs gns saber given the same steel would the saber grind retain its edge longer? I can get a used gns scandy w/sheath for 140 right now but im hesitant cause im bias towards the saber and thats only because of what i read on forums and watched on youtube. Id like to learn primitive firecrafting and shelter making but id carry an ax and saw for larger chopping and cutting. Thanks for your input guys!
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Here is an idea that I've never seen anyone try as far as a bush craft skill. When I lived in OR and WA and worked in the forest the lumberjacks used to use lightweight nylon wedges when felling trees. Arborist still use them. They are far lighter than an axe or hatchet and split wood better than a knife. In this video, right after you say, "Yep! Looks like it's going to be a good splitter"' if you were to drive in a nylon wedge while your knife is still in the wood, then baton the wedge, it would free the knife and split the wood with far less energy expended.

Oh. by the way, I have my Bushcrafter in the Scandi Grind 4" blade, I did have the handle thinned down and polished, I wear a large glove and the handle still fits like a glove, So I wanted a little longer blade this time and the Attitude is just that. I almost got the G N S believe it or not.

Say Heah, So many great knives to choose frpm, I knew I wanted a White Handle to team up with my Himalayan Imports smaller M-43 Khukuri. .and besides I don't have any white handle besides my U.S.A
made Schrade with a white scrimshaw Sharpfinger and I have the Deers layer also but with a wooden handle. and ofcource the Khukuri. So I seen a knife by Battle Horse that I could work with. It's actually similar to your knife. But ofcource I got the White Handle and I'm having it curved so the Drop Point is lowered on it LT and I got the High Scandi Grind, Oh with Blue Liners. I saw a picture and it's looking Simply TiT's, Beautiful I really like the way it's turning out. Thanx for sharing your knife. To be honest with you. I still think of L T and Battle Horse as Blind Horse, Both are making some awesome knives. and I can spot their work a mile away. Great Knives, just like your knife.

really good review but I would like to see this same knife in saber and scandi go head to head against each other for those like me that have trouble in choosing what grind to get.

which one would you choose…the gns scandi or this?  have you tried the bushcrafter scandi and the bushcraft hevi?from what I hear the saber grind is the better splitter between it and the scandi.

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