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Knife Review : Douk-Douk Knife

Interesting story behind this one…After the video I looked into these for sale and they are getting about double the price I originally thought these days…try ebay…

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You need to research your knife history before presuming to lecture folks on the history of this knife! You’ve just spouted a mish mash of part truths, and presented them as a fiction! 😡

هاذي قتلنا بها الفرنسيون في الجزأر وعندما خفتم
منعتم بيعها

Im after dropping my douk douk of of my balcony about 10 feet on to concrete and its fine I just got it its pretty cool the history kinda disturbed me tho

"……….with a Douk-Douk in his back." Kudos to anyone who can identify the novel that this quote is taken from.

I really like this. It's very simple, no frills, durable, functional and affordable. The kind of knife I could carry. I'm not into $250 EDC knives

Great knives, owned one as a kid, didn't know they were still made till a couple of years ago. Easy to keep razor sharp, tough, highly useful and it just has tonnes of character, what more do you want?? Thanks for the vid!

So much of this is just wrong. It is a French knife , designed and manufactured in France , becoming popular in the French colonies during the empire through its soldiers. Popular with the French Foreign Legion. The blade is made of carbon XC75 steele [ though now you can get stainless.]. The shape of the blade is taken from the Turkish 'clip shape ' reminiscent of a scimitar.' [ To quote Wikipedia.] Thus the curve on the blade has nothing to do with putting your thumb there ! The trademark was a Melanesian god called by the French Douk-douk. The joint on the knife is known as a slip joint. The carbon blade is extremely sharp.

The backspring "breaks in" and lightens with use. They will always be sharper than a Mercator!

It's a French knife produced in the middle of the country, in Thier in the Puy-de-Dôme department by Mr Cognet.

I think id prefer the German Mercator 'cat knife'. Basically same construction (slim sheet metal handle) but it has a lock… Im not like some guys and need a locking mechanism, because lets face it most of the stuff youre using a pocketknife for everyday is pretty light stuff. Like I carried an old buck knife for years and worked fine for me….
But if I have the option (and in this case for virtually the same knife) ill pick the one with the lock.

Could you expand on that list of affordable workhorse knives from different cultures? I recently have been particularly interested in such blades but am not familiar with many varieties. Thanks much, and good review.

Dude, it is a french knife. It is and has always been produced in France. It's been designed in France too, for the oceania market. Gaspard Cognet designed it. And he's not Melanesian. Saying  it arrived in France because the soldiers confiscated them in Africa is cute though.

I have the larger version of this sorcier model. I got it as a gift and have been carrying it for a few months now. The backspring on these is crazy! I'm amazed I haven't sliced a finger off yet – these snap closed like a damn guillotine. Not your everyday folder & people used to the modern creature comforts might not dig these knives, but they're well designed & excel in many areas. Portability is an obvious advantage here.

I read recently that French knife maker Fred Perrin was a fan of these knives.  I also read the Douk-Douk knives are made in France.  They are made of XC75 steel.  I believe a US steel equivalent would be 1075 steel.  Also, the steel is hardened to 52-53 HRC.  That's a very low rockwell for HC steel, but I figure for a variety of reasons–value, etc., the low rockwell is fine.

I own the small and large sized Douk-Douks. I gave them out as gifts to the groomsmen at my wedding. Fantastic knife. I carry the small version everywhere. I read somewhere that part of the reason they were outlawed by the French in the colonies was because assassins were known to pinch the handle shut beneath the blade once opened, turning the knife into a stiletto dagger. It was outlawed due to the rise in stealthy murders and assassinations.

Indeed. The Douk Douk character was put on it to make it sell better in Oceanian colonies. It later sold pretty much everywhere in French colonies and territories.
Later came variations, like the El-Baraka with a Berber star for Maghreb colonies, the Tiki with a Polynesian character on it, and even a French version, l'Ecureuil, with a squirrel.
But it was always a French knife made in France. Melanesians didn't even knew how to work steel when they were colonized.

I checked some french web site and the price of the Douk Douk L'Ecureuil (squirel) is 16.65€
So with the change, if the knife is in good shape, i think 20$ is a fair price.

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