Gerber Sharkbelly EDC Knife Review

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Gerber Sharkbelly (Affiliate Link):

A great budget lightweight EDC Knife with cool lines and at an affordable price. Made in the USA!


z ga says:

I wish slightly curve on top of blade, half sheepsfoot and half drop point. lock-back mechanism and handle construction not good. overall rating 5/10

Randy Zinn says:

I have one,bought it at a pawn shop for$5 it's like brand new. I just don't care for the pocket clip, I think it's to loose, slides off the pocket to easy.otherwise it's a great knife.

The Hooligan Outdoors says:

Picked one up today on clearance at walmart for 7 bux. Seemed like a deal I couldn't pass up.👍

Abysmal Horrors says:

It's 420 HC. It's right on the blade.

fumasterchu12 says:

Looks like a decent EDC knife for the money, thanks for the info!


Gerber makes a good knife, Ive had 2 and still have one. The straight blade works great for times when you need to apply pressure on a cut, such as strips of leather, or even cutting bait. Looks like a great knife

jaypowell0185 says:

Great review

SurviveN2 says:

It's good to see ya back on here guy 😊 I bet that is a good box opener, I like the overall looks of it 👍 TFS

Cedric & Ada Gear and Outdoors says:

Awesome to see you making more videos. Great to see someone do proper longterm carry before reviewing, too! I always get too excited after a couple weeks or get distracted by something else. Great review on a lesser show knife

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