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Esee Candiru Knife Review: Great Neck Knife

Here i am talking about a great neck knife the Esee Candiru Subscribe and Like.

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Can slide in and out very easily (maybe a little too easy from what I see), BTW, what size it the blade???, $40 plus I have to spend for a custom Kydex Sheath, and now I have to buy Paracord too!  $80 bucks for a 2oz neck knife. "KEEP IT!" CRKT Minimalist (with solid lock-up  Kydex style sheath,  with paracord and adjustable safety release attachment,' looks great, you forget it's on your neck as soon as you put it on, TOTAL PRICE = $19.95!  Like I said "KEEP YOUR CANDIRU!

"The micarta feels like a dream in my hand" -Blade HQ and David from ultimate survival tips. You kinda ripped off YouTube

Re: the "bad guy" grabbing you by the paracord that someone mentioned below–Bad guy could just as easily grab the collar of your shirt and choke you with that. The paranoia surrounding neck carry fascinates me.

I've been wearing things around my neck for as long as I can remember and never been choked with any of it.

Looks like great little neck knife, but would use a breakaway type chain, not 550 paracord around your neck. Bad guy could grab the cord and use it against you in a self defense scenario.

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