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Esee Camp Lore JG3 BO Fixed Blade Knife Review – Hot Ferro Rodding and Batoning. Now over 10 mins!

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor camp knife Esee makes a lot. The JG3 is part of the Camp-Lore series and designed by renowned outdoors dude James Gibson. In this review I decide it would be a good idea to try and start a survival style fire with a ferro rod on a stump. I baton with the knife- because it’s Youtube, and compare it to other popular tactical camp knives. You’ll see the PR4, the Esee-3, the Vangedal Rover, and even the Izula. Not the Jungles II though. So whether you’re pretending to camp, fish, hunt, or be a real man- this is a good choice for a fixed blade.
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Silent Thunder Ordnance Ferro Rod:
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23 replies on “Esee Camp Lore JG3 BO Fixed Blade Knife Review – Hot Ferro Rodding and Batoning. Now over 10 mins!”

The fact that the ads was shot vertically is the reason this is the most advanced YouTube channel out there. May your Zima flow like wine

Grandpa did not really get drunk on high dollar liqor and fight skunks? I am hurt. But you have to be wrong about Grandpa not being a knife guy. All old men liked knives just not as much as us. I have a hand made 1800s saw blade knife my grandfather used to cut the Thanksgiving and Christmas Ham. He also killed numerous hogs and cows with it. He never touched it with a whetrock….he used a fucking angle grinder and a file. I cry when I hold it because I was there as a boy when his mother gave it to him after it had served half a century in her kitchen….it was big, thick, beautifully honed, had a well oiled handle of Osage Orange Wood…. and now it looks like something off of the hills have eyes…he put electrical tape on it😢

Dude… love the videos… beg, borrow or steal a winkler if ya can. Should be good for all kinds of ferro-rodding-tacticool-bushcrafty-batonning backyard adventures. Might need to cash in on that three step secret sauce recipe though.

The sound of someone 'chainsawing' in the back ground while you do some inefficient sloppy baton-ing is great!

Love it. Nice knife and my kind a guy. But not in a gay way, cause that would be weird. Cause I'm just not that kind of guy. But i like knives. So… ya, cool knife,thanks.

Wow, I was trying to make mine shorter. 15 min max, trying for 12 or less. Most people don't have an attention span, so I was trying to get through it faster but still have all the info people would want.

The bit about YouTube giving preference to longer videos was interesting, but it just made me super-aware of each unnecessary commentary. That stuff is what makes this channel great, but this cheapened it.

This video had me LMAO at 3:00 in the a.m. Now my wife is pissed and won't let me sleep,in our bed for a while. Plus,she's making me mop the kitchen floor today. She gets so cranky and bossy when I inadvertently wake her up in the wee hours of morning. . Thanks for that! 😬

How about doing a video on Falkniven knives,I really need to be but off buying one,by one of your "special" Bush craft vids.I'd come a close second in Ferro Rod fire starting skills.I regularly use gun powder to start a fire.Great tip no need to thank me bro,just get that knowledge out there……

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