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EDC Flashlight Discussion presented by Shortcut Reviews

What is EDC?

Size Matters
Easy of Carry
Capacity tradeoff
Heat sink

Specialty lights vs Flexibility or Tactical

Built in Recharging at Flashlight
Convenience vs complexity/Size and water ingress
Built-in recharging at Battery vs lower capacity

Clip Depth of Carry or pocket drop

Specialty vs Common batteries

Pick a good UI Over Lumens

5 replies on “EDC Flashlight Discussion presented by Shortcut Reviews”

I already had the Lumintop Tool AA and the Tool AA 2.0. I just ordered the EDC05. I also have a very similar Gray keychain light. Not sure of the brand. Great vid-Thanks!

This was a good video man, ill be in the market for another light soon. Good stuff and InformativešŸ‘

Carry olight everywhere in vehicle in pocket on keyring. Need to try some different brands .

Hard to beat Zebralight for edc, had them for a longtime and never has an issue. I own over 25 lights from different brands, and surprisingly my go to in a lights out situation, camping, or hiking is my Nitecore P16 such a good compromise of flood and throw and I love the beam pattern…YMMV., great topic.

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