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ebay 8$ survival kit challenge vs 7$ SOS survival kit

So i was wondering can i pick up better things for the same price as those “sos survival kits” so i made myself a challenge 🙂

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Whistle is good becouse it can be heard during harsher winds aswell and your voice going to disappear after 2 hours of shouting and probably hurt aswell… a whistle is essential

eShopXp al my family had subscribe and lots of friends, but when they saw this video rhey didn't like it because of the way you did it. There are lots of men and women the talk and explain when a survival kit some what good or if you can put some otherr things in side and change something, they say it in a nice way. When I saw the video I didn't like it also. We all un subscribed too.

Nice video. You may also want to checkout the review of Survival kit on my blog at phillipreviews. com/survival-kit-review/ Thanks. Mitchel.

if the zippo case is very damaged and also a insert is fucked up,will the Zippo give me a new one?

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