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Vintage 1950's Ash-Jon Civil Defense Emergency Survival Kit Review

This is a comprehensive review of the vintage Ash-Jon corporation 1950’s civil defense emergency survival kit. This kit was so fun to review and has some vintage supplies in it.
It’s contents contain 10 U.S. Coast Guard water cans with almost 11 oz. of water per can, biscuits, tropical Hershey chocolate bars in which are very rare, jelly candies, malted milk discs, and multi vitamin tablets. Everything is fortified with vitamins and minerals to sustain human life for up to 72 hours and up to 5 people.
I really hope you liked the video God Bless, Go Wild and we will see you on the next one.

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Thats a really cool find. I dont know if I would have tried it though but it was fun to watch.

oh man, can't describe how much enjoye watching videos like this one…this is history, one day these items will be found only in museum
liked and subscribed!!

This is vintage, agreed sir.    Interesting items.   I enjoy watching someone doing different items , or rations.  The only ration, I ever tried, that had drinking water, was the German civilian ration, bought from   It makes good sense.  If you decide to do  drawing,  I would love to add this can, to my collection.    H2O , to go.   I love the cans sir. Food items, survived as well as they   could, for the age friend.   Save the Hershey's wrappers, or bars.  Awesome trading material.   I am surprised the Hershey's  bars , were not powder. They usually are.   The one you opened, looked awesome to me.  Save the wrapper!      I personally think, you have A winner there !!   Great ration and review, Peace,  John.

H2O Great review. Would love to have one of the waters to put with my Grandfather's WWII mess kit.

Thats a cool emergency ration! I wouldn't eat that chocolate either! I think the average person would finish that in 2 days! Great review Shane!

Awesome I really love the documentation of these rations. Condition is great. H20 would be awesome. Perfectly fine and safe to drink. I would have drank that water. Those jelly bars look edible. Thanks for the great review of this awesome vintage ration.

Hey Shane,

interesting review…
I wouldn't have tasted only one peace of this stuff… oO
Thanks for showing.

best regards


That's a great piece of history! I'd love to own one of those cans of waters to show my daughters and teach them why they made these kits. It would be cool to research it with them and having something in their hands might make it more interesting!

Awesome video!! I can’t believe how clear that water was. It’s like over 50 years old. That’s so awesome that the food was still eatable. Really cool video

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