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Survival Kit Review: Part 2 Shelter (Wilderness Survival skills)

Shelter is very location dependent on the time of year, and your location very different survival kits might be desert survival, jungle survival, sea survival and winter survival you survival kit should take this into account

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If you like mora knives then I can highly recommend the new Swedish Fireknife wich was produced by Mora knives and Light my fire, where they simply combined a higher quality mora knife with a built in firesteel in the handle, its a good lightweight package that wount break under normal use (its not a crowbar or a axe lol) not to mention that on its hard plastic sheeth you can easely glue a small compass and a small thin diamond knife sharpener and wrap some cord and maybe some tape on the sheeth

I love your videos. They're concise, short, to-the-point, and packed with loads of information.

Thanks. A lot.

No controversy on the wire saw. Some people just use them regularly in place of a proper saw and they break. This saw is not designed for lots of hard use, hence the name… "survival saw". That's why it's so small, light and easy to carry. If used properly in a survival situation it will do the job and is a great addition to a small survival kit – wilderness or urban. You make lots of good points – keep up the good work!

Excelent video! I just want to comment on the wire saw as well, countycomm has an actual chain saw blade on theirs it's a lot larger but if i were to take a pull or wire saw somewhere I would definetley recomend that. As well as for the cordage I would suggest bank line it's almost like 550 paracord but it's a bit more weather treated since it's actually used for fishing.

…i forget to say i'm agree about the axe, if i want one device like that i'll use a sharp knife with a wood rod to fend some wood.

Nice video but a bit short, it's the most important part ot me.
Make you dead: 3 hours without shelter=warm, 3 days without water.
Don't forget that poncho and bags capture drinkable water. Learn and practise knots before survival situation.
About the type of blades, you're still right, it's depend on weight and container.
About the wire saw, i recommand you if you want to add to your survival list, to buy 2: one for testing and the 2nd to keep as new. Why? Because it's hard resharp.

Personally, I believe that most of the survival wire saws are not very good. However there are some nice ones out there that are very good, but they are larger.
The space blankets are worth their weight IMO, most are cheap but it could mean the difference between living and dying in a survival situation. I carry 1 in each kit. The AMK Bivy is great, its small, lightweight and cheap ($12).

Hi Celica – what are your thoughts on the emergency space blanket? Have you ever used it for warmth, and can you use it clothed or do you need to strip down for it to be effective? Also, on the note of wire saws – the really cheap one you show in the elastic band – I had one once, and it broke on the first use. Definitely spend more on a saw for a better one, or perhaps just use the space for something else. Great video, very informative.

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