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Ontario SP53 Knife Review: Wilderness Warhammer

The Ontario SP53 is the icing on the cake of large wilderness knives from OKC. It is the best chopper we have reviewed to date and can baton like a champ. It is very blade heavy. This is one for the record books. If you want a large knife to chop and baton this is it.

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Great video Aaron….what chest pack are you wearing…it’s exactly what I’m looking for.

You probably not gonna believe but the Cold Steel true flight is one of the best buttoning knife i've ever tried. Each knife got it's own purpose.

I have a SP-53, a recent acquisition, so the sheath mine came with doesn't have that cool pocket on the front. I've done some batoning with it. We have fire pit wood here, but we live in a desert, so I was batoning dry wood. The edge rolled in one spot during my test, but a couple of trips across the sharpening stone and it was good to go again, love 5160 Steel for that.

Say Heah Aaron, Yup, The O. K. C. GEN2 SP-53 is still my Fav's Chopper's for that $$$. Infact I still team it with my Ranger T. F. I. (Tactical Force Infidel) It's one of my Cold weather combo when wood processing is needed to stay warm. Although when I first bought my Ranger T. F. I. it was sold as a Survival Tactical and Bush Craft Knife with a 58 HRC. At tgat hardness some said it chipped. Although I never had that problem. So, Yeah, I still love that combo. Infact at that time I also bought my Ranger Afghan and my Ranger RD-9 both in the 5160 with orange G-10 Handles that I sanded very lightly to fit my hand perfectly. Infact I seen a Ranger Afghan sell for $350.00 go figure.,,. p

Some are saying DEET from mosquito repellent will mess up the Kraton handles on knives like this. anyone experienced this?

TO ANYONE WITH KNIFE EDUCATION: 1) is the area of the blade edge close to the choil (that he uses to make feather sticks) a diiferent blade edge angle than the area you use to chop or baton with? (different blade edge angles on different areas of same knife?)
2) how do u sharpen the rounded/curve part of the blade on this beast? special tool other than normal sharpening tool/machine?

Say Heah Aarin , No doubt for the $$$ my O. K. C. Gen2 SP-53 teamed with my O. K. C. Ranger T. F. I is my Fav. Combo's for proccessing wood.,, .

Why carry a small camp ax or hatchet when this thing does it all!
Love it!
The question to be answered is whether the Ontario Kukri or the Ka bar cutlass might do the same job at a much lower price?

Hello Arron. Just ordered this knife and the Esee 3. Thought they would make a great team in my INCHbag/BOB.Can this blade-shape sharpend by theWorksharp Guided Sharpening System or WorkSharp Field Sharpener?How long does this sharpening systems last? Any experience?Thanks a lot for all the helpfull vids, keep on the good work!

I use the SP53 for coconuts here in the Philippines. I can cut then pry the husk. Tried thinner blades but can't pry on the husk like that quarter inch steel can. I call it my coconut killer!!! I also use the SP8 on coconuts but poking holes to get the water out I need a pointed blade. I also used a WorkSharp Ken Onion and re-profiled the edge to a 25 degree convex grind. Now it's even sharper. I will be getting the Esee Junglas for bamboo but that's a luxury. I got a Condor Mini Duku Parang for bamboo and it works fantastic.

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