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Ontario Blackbird SK-5 Knife Review: The Blade That Started It All

The knife that started it all for me here at gideonstactical!

Pros: quality, price, steel, size
Cons: sheath could be better

This was my very first high quality blade that I ever bought and has been with me for a long time and is very reliable. It started the my obsession with blades and started my youtube channel.

GOOD- good price, blade design, 154CM steel holds a great edge, one of the better nylon sheaths around, and ergonomic handle.

BAD- ???

Blade Length: 5in.
Blade Thickness: 1/8in.
Blade Steel: 154CM
Handle Material: Micarta
Knife Only Weight: 8.5oz.

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The grey micarta was beautiful. Why did they switch it to G10? I haven't bought one for that aesthetic reason alone. G10 is great, I like it on my other knives, but it just looks boring on this blade.

Why would you use this blade to chop?….use a hatchet or axe…I just dont understand….

Have you ever seen or tested any of Pete Winklers field knives from Cross Knives? Great vid! On my way to Amazon to see what it’ll cost me theses days.. thanks for your time, love your channel!!!

Can't believe I'm just finding this video. Our stories are very similar as well. I got out of hunting, camping, and hiking for a long time and just started getting back into it a couple years ago and after watching you, Tactical, Preparedmind101, Survival Lilly, and WeAllJuggleKnives, I decided that I wanted to become a knife tester and reviewer as well and so here I am trying to make it to Shot Show so I can meet all the guys who inspire my channel

Since you've used the SK5 and the Falkniven S1, whats your opinion of which is better? I have the S1 and like it quite a bit, but can't get used to the small handle, and I'm still not completely sold on convex edges. Am considering selling the S1 and buying this knife…….and pocketing the profits.

Love this blade ! I've used the fool out of it over the last 2 years & its never let me down , the sheath has started to wear some but overall I'm very pleased with it ! Thanks for your unbiased reviews

Wow Aaron this is almost two year Anneversary from the July 30th day WoW, anyhow there is a new kid in block, it's called the SAZ Swiss Army Zippo ?, anyhow from what I heard on the video it too is a Kephart style but it's 3/16th's thick and a Scandi Grind, it appears to be a very comfortable handle, I was confused because we Americans can get it in 0-1 or 1095 and the Europeans can get theirs in D-2, I do have the O.K.C. Blackbird SK 5, but I think I want to get the new SAZ and use it with my newish 2Hawks Warbeast it has three sharp edges and it's a piece of art and a great wood processing chopper.As soon as I got my 2Hawks the Double Bit Hatchet and the Warbeast I wanted a Nessmuk Style Knife but when I got my Potbelly I noticed it kind of looks like a Nessmuk Knife on steriods, also it has a little of a Butcher knife charectoristics, and makes a great combo with the Parang looking Parangatang, the 1095 CroVan is one of my Fav's and is close in performance to the O-1, but less expensive, I'm very happy to watch your videos, they helped me get the Potbelly, and I wanted to give my Rodent Rucki a rest and that's why I got the Parangatang, Congrats on your Anneversary, Hip Hip Hurray for Aaron and His Vids, and Many More.

July 2015 – don't buy the noncoated one either. Got one today and it came with no final sharpening. Seriously, I can run my finger up and down the edge and it WON'T CUT. I was warned about Ontario's quality being in the toilet – now I believe. Reports of chipping black coating and rusting of the noncoated blade. AVOID! Get an Esee or Scrapyard or Busse – ontario quit making good knives and that's why Randall left.

Hi Aaron, I agree it's a good one, especially around a fishing trip around water for a camp knife, great blade lenght, the only thing I wish is that the handle had a little palm swell, that would be awesome. It does remind me of a Blind Horse Bushcrafter on steriods though, and I had the handle thinned down and polished now it even look's like a more expensive knife IMO it's a little classier, but everything you said about the Blackbird SK-5 I agree, one question, then why did you get rid of yours, you think I don't pay attention heh heh heh

Creek Stewart cuts his way across the U.S. With the SK5. But you know me I watched this vid a few times now and I love my SK5s lol

Hi, and I know it's your show, and I know you wanted to demonstrate that if worst came to worst you can lite chop with it and I do enjoy your video's you do a good illustration on the knife ability, but just from being in the bush I learned to baton through a branch that size rather than chop at it, if you keep your knife like a boat taking off instead of how the front of the boat drops into water when you stop right away in the boat I find that I don't put as much stress on the knife, and brisk baton's rather than hard baton's work better chopping through and batoning through wood, good video and I will try to remember your up coming Anneversary this year congrats on your successful show.

How would you compare the SK5 to an ESEE-6?

If you had the choice to pick 1 over the other; which would it be and why…? Thank you

Several points the sheath is substandard. The knife must be tied into the sheath. Bah. The design is a survival knife. In the video you are chopping away on a fork baton the bitch through and be done. It is ffg for sharpening in the field. It is thick for food prep but will work. Easier if you work it in the kitchen at home. The point is a drill. The spine is a scraper/spoke shave. Wipe it with mineral oil if you use it for food. I edc mine in rotation.

Not a bad knife, I have it, it won't win any beauty contest, but it's a very useful bush knife, defenetly a knife that goes with my axe, and saw, but a well constructed knife, a good bush knife.

I currently own a Mora Bushcraft Black Survival, A Ka-Bar Becker BK-9,a Ka-Bar Becker BK-11(Neck Knife), and just recently bought the Ontario Blackbird SK-5 so I would own a good quality stainless steel that is a bit stronger then my Mora, but not as beefy as my BK-9, but settles in the middle there. I have yet to test the blade, but I hope it does well because ive been drooling over it for awhile now. Thanks for the video btw, you helped me make my mind up about buying it. – Stay frosty, stay safe.

I recently bought this knife because I was under the impression that the 154CM was stainless.  I live in the wet and humid southeast where carbon steel knives frequently rust.  I saw a video of a guy who said this knife rusted in just 2 hours of being wet.  I was wondering if you have had any problems with rust or corrosion with this knife or if you have heard of any issues with rust or corrosion.  Also, what do you use to oil your knives with?  I use TuffCloth, WD-40, Rem Oil and sometimes mineral oil.  Do you have any suggestions?  Lastly, given the wet and humid climate that I live, what would you suggest in the way of a stainless steel blade?  Thanks, and keep up the great videos!!!

Great knife, love the design BUT, it's nothing new 5" spear points have been around forever. Think – Russel Dadley for one. I have a 40 year old West German Army issue knife that is just about identical and a favorite of mine. 

Absolutely terrific field/utility/survival blade. This knife can do it all! There's not much it can't accomplish. Thanks so much for the video. Glad to see you gave the Bird some love.

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