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Knife Review: S.A.K Farmer

This is an in the field review of the Swiss Army Knife Farmer.
I have had this thing for over 2 years, and haved used it extensively.

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Most guys with the expensive colour Alox SAK keep them in a drawer and look at them one a month but this guy actually uses it!!!!

I seen a great tip for when your battening with only a folding knife and it’s so simple. Do you want to know what it is? It guarantees you will never break your blade. If anyone is interested give me a comment and I’ll get back with it

realy cool useful,quality knife.i use batoning only if the woods are wet and i need the dry ''heart'' of the wood to make fire.i believe that the best way for batoning is to make wood splits.but if is necessary to use a folding knife for batoning i recommend to do it with the blade in 90 degrees.its more safe for the knife.check my video

Love the video.. you actually use your knife. Nice! The model is not a Farmer. The model is actually a Victorinox Soldier 7.

Even though most SAKs are folders…..they are besides being a work of art….they will take a licking too.One of the better SAKs for what Joe is doing is the OHT …One Handed Trekker with a locking blade.Its also longer than the 91mm models

I was wondering about the batoning. Would it be easier on a knife like that if you had the blade out but not in full slip joint position. At a 90 degree angle. Im a huge victorinox fan. And have this knife

Well demonstrated, a jack knife is capable of most tasks. I'm never without a folder on my person. Thanks for sharing. All the best from Scotland. Garry

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