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Knife/Gear VLOG #5: Cold Steel Survivalist, Reapr Gladius Machete, Budget Blades, Tire Checker

Drop Forged Survivalist Knife (New Model):
Drop Forged Survivalist Knife (Older Model):
Drop Forged Hunter:
Drop Forged Boot Dagger:
Drop Forged Bowie Knife:
Drop Forged Battle Ring II:
SRK Knife (SK5 Steel):
SRK Knife (New Model With 3V Steel):

***Cold Steel Kitchen Classics***
Slicing & Carving Knife:
Chef Knife:
K7 Serrated Knife:
Butcher Knife:
Scimitar Knife:
Filete Knife:
Serrated Bread Knife:
Serrated Utility Knife:
Steak Knife:
Steak Knives Set (6):

Kofery Butcher Knife:
Kofery Cleaver Knife:
Tiger USA Meat Cleaver, 10 Inch Blade:
Soufull Chef Knife, 8.9 Inch Blade:
Dexter Russel Boning Knife, 6 Inch Blade:
Dexter Outdoors Boning Knife, 6 Inch Blade:
Elk Ridge Game Shears/Knife/Saw:
Elk Ridge Field Butchering Kit:
Mora Sticking Knife:
Mora Bait Knife:
Marttiini Hunting Knife:
Farberware 22 Piece Knife Set and Block:

Electricians Knife, One Blade:
Electricians Knife, Two Blade:
Electricians Knife, Three Blades:

Camp Hatchet:
Campe Hatchet, Different Colors:
16 Inch Camp Hatchet:
Carpenter’s Hatchet:
Rigger’s Axe:
Fireside Friend Splitting Maul:
Sledge Hammer:
Rock Pick:
Pry Bars:

Reapr Meridius Gladius Machete:
Cold Steel Gladius Machete:
Combat Commander Gladiator Sword (Machete):
Combat Commander Gladius Daggers Set:

Small Skinner:
Camp Knife:
Tactical Knife:
Slicing, Carving Knife, 6.5 Inch Blade:
Multitool, Black:
12 in 1 Multitool, Black:
16 Feature Multitool:

Tyre Truncheon:
Hardcore Hammer Hickory Stick 2:
RoadPro Weighted Tire Thumper:
United Pacific Tire Checker:
Road Warrior Tire Checker:
Hurricane Fish Bat:
Boone Bat:
Terminator Fishing Bat:

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13 replies on “Knife/Gear VLOG #5: Cold Steel Survivalist, Reapr Gladius Machete, Budget Blades, Tire Checker”

Thanks for another fun filled video! I honestly appreciate your channel and the work you do throughout the years.

A while back Skallgrim did a hypothetical vid on what swords would be good for self-defense in a tight apartment…The Roman Gladius, Maintz style was on the top of the list. I can see why. Excellent close quarters design. It would be especially useful in heavy gun control areas. Where the 2nd amendment is a state or law enforcement controlled privilege, and "not a right". According to some aspiring authoritarians, closet potentates, and governmental, tassel-loafer tyrants!

im a trucker and i use the cold steel short bat, hammers, and different hatchets. many states have felonies on having a gun.

Alot of stuff would be extremely hard to get if it was not for Amazon. com ,but those likes do have alot when it comes to making products easy to find ,and you organize them very well.

24:26 a chair is a good defense against a knife, a shield with four prodding, deflecting, parrying rods with a greater reach than a knife.

I was wondering when somebody would cover the new version of the survivalist. I have one, and I love the damned thing. The scales make it very comfortable in hand, and it looks way better without that God awful colored coating.

A lot of people don't consider big knives and fixed blades. I have read before someone saying he doesn't have a use for a fixed blade. I think the reason for that is that people only think about utility and defense outside the house when they are out in street. People have a tendency to never think about utility and defense around their houses. Its amazing how much good stuff you can get for an affordable price. This video is proof of that.

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