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Best EDC and Travel Organization: Goruck Wire Dopp Review

Review of the Goruck Wire Dopp which is a super simple, but effective way to keep all of your accessories organized and easily accessible. It is a little on the pricey side, but the design, form factor and durability make this a really compelling organizational accessory for your EDC and travel needs.

Have you guys used the Goruck Wire Dopp before? How about any of their field pockets? Are they worth the investment? Let me know in the comments below!

Goruck Wire Dopp:

Wire Dopp in use – 3:00

Size Comparison – 4:20

Internal Walkthrough – 7:30

Pricing – 11:58

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8 replies on “Best EDC and Travel Organization: Goruck Wire Dopp Review”

I like the review but it seemed like you only put about half of the things you used in the the Powerpack. So you still use two I assume. Not that I mind, it's just good to know. 😊

Thank you for the thorough review. Def thinking about picking up the Dopp kit. Appreciate the time stamps as well

great review! I ended up buying this wire dopp to go into my gr2. The other goruck field kits seem a bit bulky to me with the padding but this wire dopp looks perfect for my needs.

I love all your videos on bags and organization thank you. Off question I have noticed your bracelet you wear in almost all of your videos and my fiancé loves it. Can you tell me where you got it so I could possible get it as a surprise? Thank you again for all your videos

I was excited to see you do a video on Wire Dopp. I bought mine about a year ago and I got it when it was on sale and I combined a few other items and I didn't have to pay shipping, so I did OK. This is like any other GoRuck item. Top Quality and Top Price!! I think this is the best Dopp Kit I have ever owned. One feature that I really loved (and used) is when something spills in the kit. IE:Toothpaste bursts, powder spills or something gets funky in it, you can literally hose it down and clean it out. The mesh makes it clean so easily and as we all know, Anything GoRuck can take it. I find myself emptying it out after almost each use and giving it a good cleaning. I won't rehash all the points you made about it, but the mesh is awesome for keeping track of whatever you put in the bag… Hard to say if it is worth $45…. but except the price, you will be thrilled with the Wire Dopp!!!

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