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1978 Vintage Blizzard Beater Survival And Aid Kit Review


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29 replies on “1978 Vintage Blizzard Beater Survival And Aid Kit Review”

My family made these, in our basement!!
See my Facebook post on this today: Throwback to winters/blizzards past on this current 25 degree day – Compelled by a story of a Minnesota family caught off-guard by a blizzard years ago (they sadly did not survive), my family (the Russells) and our friends (the Dundases) started a small business, Dun Rus company, making blizzard survival kits for your car.

I found this on YouTube today. The kit does not have a 40-year shelf life, but is full of love and care for potentially stranded families at the time.

We set up shop in our basement and were paid by the piece to operate the assembly line, complete with bending the wire for the burner, and running the shrink wrap machine. With this kit, you could melt snow, make soup and coffee, eat lemon drops for energy, and stay warm with the reflective blanket. Complete with a red flag to put on your antenna so your car could be seen for rescue.

Nathan NEVER bothers reading the instructions or ingredients unless he can't eyeball and guess- straight Gonzo/ Commando style!!

I carry in my car a lighter and two cans of Sterno along with blankets, winter boots, gloves, scarfs and hats. Also a container to relief yourselves in. (don't want to stand outside in a blizzard trying to relief the bladder) Granola bars and any medicine that would be needed. I was stranded in a blizzard in 1984 and I was not prepared at all.

i live in new england heres what you need.
1 1.75ml 100proof vodka.
4-6 cans of desired soup pre person for a day.
hot dogs
canned beans
mayne a few board games

the red plastic thing. Your supposed to tie to the radio Antenna, mount on a stick ontop of your car or hang out the road size window. Its supposed to let police know the vehicle is occupied and in distress.

why is there so many lemon drops I've never heard of them helping you survive a winter…..

Isn't it reassuring to know that when the apocalypse comes, any survivors will either die of starvation or food poisoning?

Come on Nathan, don't you like bugs with your soup? Just think of all extra calories consuming those bugs would add to your survival diet. They could keep y8ou alive.

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