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Summer Off Duty Everyday Carry |EDC|

A detailed walk through of my Summer Everyday Carry (EDC). Links to everything I mention in the video down below…

Iphone 7:
Apple Watch:
Wallet (Magpul DAKA Everyday Wallet):
Knife (SpyderCo Tenacious):–Black-Blade/718
Flashlight (Olight S1RII Baton):
Gun (Glock 19): Link for custom work
Gun Light (Inforce APL Gen 3):
Ammo (Hornady Critical Defense):!/
Holster (Tier 1 Concealment Axis Slim):
Medical Kit (Live The Creed EDC Trauma Kit):
Belt (Kore Essentials Gun Belt):

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Get the Thrunite TH30. As a medic it lights up a dark room when at a patients home if it’s dark or low light. It’s 3800 lumens or so. Gotta also pair it with the Wizard Clip. Good throw and better flood and lots of lumens! output. Or you can just use your gun flashlight. Just don’t pull the trigger 😬

Don't worry about someone noticing you or going out of their way to hurt. Your part of the generic, white guy of military age male with short hair population. There are 10 million guys that look like that! My asian best friend jokingly tells me that all white people look a like!

Cheers from the southwestern rockies!

Awesome edc. I feel like you should leave the internals stock for a carry gun, isn’t it dangerous/ a liability to have a lighter trigger? I don’t carry (yet)but I would like the 5-6 pound trigger as a safety. Also, I really like that med kit. But I notice you only have stuff to stop bleeding, are you not worried about having stuff for other injuries, like a nasal airway tube (I can’t spell the real name that starts with a ph) or some compact chest seals? I’m not a medic or doctor, so I don’t know how quickly something like a sucking chest wound can become life threatening. I do know bleeding is number 1, which is why you have that stuff, I’m just wondering about other stuff.

Great video as always, I’ve really seen your production value go up so great work! Also I’ve heard a lot of good stuff the Blue Alpha Gear belt if you’re in the market. Thanks for the great content!

SWAT-T is head and shoulders above the RATS tourniquet ???? Come on, man…I got rid of all my SWAT-Ts that were given to me because they're just simply garbage.

It looks as if you have a tan line from wearing the watch. I started wearing a Casio watch and now I can’t go a day without it. And I’m starting to get a tan line as well especially since it is the summer.

Nice EDC.Turns out I'm not the only one with the "fully black ultra tactical" items.
There's not one touch of color in all the stuff I carry.Not sure if it's a guy thing or if most items come in black only.
Black belt, black wallet, black sunglasses, black flashlight, black turniquet, black watch etc …

Blue alpha gear makes a great belt. I run a similar setup as you. Put the buckle to the side and axis slim fits great

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