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Spyderco Tenacious and Resilience Knife Review

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I love Spyderco knives, although I only have two. I have the Tenacious and the Digital camo Paramilitary 2. They come super sharp and are pretty easily touched up. That Resilience looks like a winner, and just might become my third Spyderco. Cheers brother!

I had the Tenacious and it is a really nice blade. Wanted the big guy too but never did get one. You would like the Manix 2 XL, another nice big knife. Awesome video 👍👊

I have two spyderco knives I carried one on the job for over 20 years (rescue model) I sent it back to Spyderco to have sharpened the lock had failed and spyderco sent me a new knife keep in mind this knife was over 20 years old they also sent a letter that they believed I had abused the knife but they where giving me a new one and yes the knife had saw some rough service so I can say with out a doubt they stand by their products I like your vid and I like the smaller knife best because of ease and comfort of carry I know a knife can be used as a weapon but I carry a mid size firearm so I like a smaller knife God Bless

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