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Countycomm Sat-Com Bag – Personal Survival Kit – Preparedmind101

Preparedmind101 reviews a great bag by Countycomm, which I think is perfect for a Personal Survival Kit. That is why this review is a combination product review/Survival Kit video. I show the features of the bag, why it is perfect for a PSK, and examples of what a complete survival kit might look like in one.







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Super video, a great idea for a super bag, I own 6 of these bags for a variety of uses. I like the idea of the using Dave C. ideas I follow him alot. I like them in the old color, mine are a tan/ brown color, and my price was alot better, think I didnt pay more than 30 bucks each. Love countycom, just prices getting out of line I think., Thanks again

Toilet papers a good idea cuz if you can't wipe your ass you get chapped ass which leads to the red ass and you really don't want red ass lol πŸ˜†

Solar power power bank probably would be better bc once the bank is drained you SOL but solar you still have power

I use a military issue canteen with the case issued with it and keep it on my utility belt. My main knife is on the belt also, with my folding knife in my backpack. I have my first aid kit in one pack which I ordered and keep in my backpack also. I purchased a nice military style backpack from the nearest Army National Guard exchange and love it since it is waterproof inside. As for food I carry energy bars, instant MRE's and my canteen full of water. That is what I learned from the Marines I worked with while in the Air Force.

I realize this an old video but great kit! I would add this: Boonie hat, beanie, spare pair of socks, soap, Compass, & poncho!

What is wrong with NOT JUST SURVIVING, but actually thriving during an oh shit moment? Brother, do not worry about what people say about your way! Your knowledge and experiences made you that way. I am a Veteran Infantryman, and Police Officer, my experiences have taught me to be prepared, it reduces our stress during those oh shit moments. Our communities and families rely on us to be there to help during such times. Its what we do, we cannot afford to just help ourselves! We have a duty to help others. So…. you do what you believe you should do, and keep sharing the knowledge. You are a great source of gear/ equipment I am always seeking to improve upon. Thank you for sharing!

Have. You ever had a anal abscess?? How about a abscess with a FITULA?? Bring toilet paper!! Better yet bring wet wipes!!!!! This will disable you…….

The fishing kit would definitely have to be a must for me because I live on an island. OAHU HAWAI'I

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