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We Critique Your EDC Pocket Dumps | Blade Show 2019

Zac and Taylor from Best Damn EDC critique fan submitted EDC pocket dumps. Get your next knife here:

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Garmin fenix 3
Cutlery lover designed bastioned Barlow
Olight m1x striker
Taurus g2c in a locally made kydex holster
And a Fidelo card wallet

My EDC changes but mostly just the knife. Everything else usually sticks around.

My wallet is super minimalist. Consists of 4 elastic hair ties. Holds my drivers license, credit card (just one), bank card and a couple other cards – only the necessary stuff. Fits comfortably in the front pocket along with my cash/bills which are seperate.

It's a foreign concept to me but I can expand my opinion to sort of understand how someone could pack distinctive ($$$) items in their edc but I'm at a loss to understand who you would show (& tell?😂) your gear to. The guy on the barstool next to yours?…or the new guy on the workbench next to yours? The pride I have in my edc items is rooted in what I can accomplish with just the ordinary items I carry on my person on a daily basis. Leatherman, knife, flashlight, etc…
Not on the price or stylishness (prob not a real word😜) of the items themselves. Yes, I know my knuckles drag on the ground when I walk.
Anyway- really enjoyed seeing you guys get together and hash it out- great stuff- thanks!!

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