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Multitool Monday- Swiza D04 Swiss Multifunction Knife Review

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30 replies on “Multitool Monday- Swiza D04 Swiss Multifunction Knife Review”

Interesting design looks very comfortable to hold, they also make a couple of non locking versions for the UK market, looks like the scales will hold up better than the vic, not sure how well they will hold up to staining though.

The colour is good for outdoor or camping because it's easy to find if you put it down somewhere. The knife seems to be of very high quality. Thanks for video in your New England accent from the old England.

To me Swiza is better than Wenger but definitely not on par with Victorinox. Victorinox will always be #1. However, I'm happy that there are other options on the market. However, Swiza has been taking too long to add a more interesting variety of tools, to begin with a good pair of scissors. If they're smart, they won't make the same mistake as Wenger and won't design a serrated scissor blade. The design of Wenger's scissors is not as practical as Victorinox's. I did appreciate Swiza's patented nail nicks, as well as the locking blade (even though there's a bit of play) and the rubberized angled scales make them look really attractive. It's not a cheap knife but it won't break the bank either. Lastly, Swiza's colors really have made me want to buy one, especially the orange model with black blades. One last thing before I go… Swiza models don't have names like Victorinox knives, but numbers. That's not as appealing to me.

Looks a nice enough knife but I will stick to my huntsman. The lack of scissors is a mistake though. Scissors are so useful. This is a new start up by Hug but he has a lot of catching up to do. They are up against over 130 years of knowhow at Victorinox and the knives seem poorer value as quite expensive and less tools.The design is nice though so might look into one. Is the steel as sturdy and sharp as Victorinox? How is the spring?

It's good that Victorinox has some competition to keep them innovating. Could Swiza be another Wenger in the making???

Sharp locking blade, reamer in the back, big phillips screwdriver in the spine… Perfect for a self defense situation.

LOL, "quick someone trademark that exact shape so no one can use it"

I like to use the reamer to get people to tell me shit they don't want to tell me by putting it in their eyes and twisting. Do you think this is some fucking Game of Thrones shit? You're right. They tell me whatever I want to know. Once you put that thing in their eye they did just start admitting whatever I'm trying to find out.

I really like mine. Too bad they seem to pick up dirt easier than other folders. It's gritty as fuck even after just 2 weeks of active EDC.

Well, I had it at work too, seems like the knife likes the dirt from underneath german cars 😛 Barely used it either, I just had it in my pocket and cut some zip ties from time to time.

I just checked the Swiza website, surprisingly, the CEO for Swiza, is Peter Hug, who for the longest time was the CEO for Wenger up until 2013. maybe this is a sister company to Wenger?

I got one. Shipped from Germany for around $35. Nice enough knife but a few nits. No scissors. No saw. The rubbery scales are good. Scale color is more red and less orange than in the video. Scales kind of overlap the side of the knife. Not even with the side like the Vic. It doesn't really make a difference, but the Vic seems better finished. All in all, the Vic farmer is nicer.
Caution: if you open the reamer with your right thumb it is very easy to cut the top of your thumb. Twice. Be careful.
Nice informative review.

Swiza are the former heads of Wenger. Swiza knives don't match Vic or Wenger's quality, but they have potential.

I really wish the bottle openers were tested in these videos. I know it will open a bottle, but some bottle openers are much better than others. For example, the Wenger design bottle openers are superior to the Victorinox design. It's not a huge difference. The only difference is the Wenger design just catches on the cap a little better. But a bottle opener that opens a bottle on the first try every time is way better than one that often slips off the cap.

Please tell me the "new swiss army knife" you speak of is the Victorinox Pioneer X. I really need one of those.

Obviously, our opinion is different in many points.
I've been planning to do my own full review of the D04 for a while but I never have the time.
But I already have a video pointing out 2 of my concerns with the Swiza, and another video how I tried to mod it to fix those problems. Check them out if you want.
Also, be careful with that reamer: I've seen 2 videos already where the testers broke it just by trying to drill a few holes into wood. Something that would be no problem with a Vic awl. I rather just use the reamer on my Swiza as a package opener or scraper, that thing is very thin and fragile.

Very interesting knife, I like the angular features of the different tools, and the blade is cool.

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