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Maxpedition Thermite versipack review 72 hour survival kit

A look at the maxpedition thermite pouch as a 72 hour survival kit.

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This is the Lord's Truth-I have met Michael Dell personally. In my opinion, he is a WORLD CLASS A$$HOLE!

don't know if i missed it in the video but you have a cooking vessel and food to heat in it (porridge etc.) but no cooking utensil, i guess you can eat it by pouring it in your mouth or something. But you might want to consider a titanium spork or anything of the like. Overall a very good video keep it up..

Wow! Great little kit, more useful than other people who have huge bags of nothing but junk in it, you have all the basis covered!

thumbed-it-up – thx! you say those guys in america are asking-ya about those tampons & vaseline! haha! just kidding – i promise! anyway, that's a nice kit! thank you!

What sort of red-tape did you have to go through to be able to carry a fixed blade knife in the UK? From what I understand, you can only carry a fixed blade "if you have a good reason" even though there is no official list of "good reasons". It seems like the "good reason" is determined by the policeman confronting you. Is there a special permit that you can get that can get rid of that utterly subjective "judgement call" on the part of the officer?

you've just earned another subscriber. Thanks for a great video and taking the time to share it.

Couldn't disagree more about the saw. I think the Silky Pocketboy is a much better saw than the Bahco. The Silky cuts so much better.

I have wanted one of those Thermite bags for a while. I think after watching your video that it would be small enough not to look odd or attract any type of negative attention yet can hold enough emergency gear along with wallet, money, pens, keys and so on. Nice video. Honestly I love the subject, love talking about survival, but I get tired of seeing people pull out gear and explaining what it is. You explain what and why and your ideas for the stuff and why you have it and you are interesting and engaging.

Sorry I could not catch the name of device that was orange and you said only use as emergency signal. Could not catch name or really what it does. Thanks.

hey buddy , haven't seen much of you on here for along time . Hope to see more this yeah in 2016/7

I like this kit ,finally someone using potassium , it covers all basic things ,I would add some coffee mate for porridge in the morning and little marmalade pack a couple of Bovril cubes also as alternative to fishing a light bamboo catapult 99 p on e bay would do the trick ,as well as bamboo spoon ,condom, Kevlar tread, snare wire and candle.

Add one more balloon so that you can set up the international rescue signal (triangle). Enjoyed the video, good kit. Thanks

A well thought out and organized kit. I never would have thought you could get that much into that bag. Nice job.

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