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Kershaw Leek Knife Review

Sensible Survival Presents: The Kershaw “Leek” Knife Review. This Ken Onion design EDC knife is a quality piece for suburban or urban enviorments. The SpeedSafe design makes one handed operations easy. Thanks~

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Rainbow Leek not what I would choose unless I bounced in a stripper joint, but to each his own 😀

It sucks when that knife comes open in your pocket.  It poked the shit out of me on a road call one day.  And the lock does not work if you break off that little tip.

– Your review Is perfect! 😀 – Thanks for taking the time for a 5/5 star review!:)  
– I carry that same one/type, 24.7 ^^

Just lost my all black Leek last night, so I just ordered one from Amazon right now for $42 dollars with the $10 dollar Kershaw product discount they have going right now. I just couldn't be with out it as my EDC.

A guy at the flea market had 4 of these selling them for $50.00 managed to work him down to 40 i got a DEAL.

I have had this knife for almost two years. The spring assist has broke. but i have yet to send it back because i don't want to go a day without the knife. I am a second year apprentice in the electrical field. And it serves its duty every day. I hope they will some day fix the speedsafe but i, like i said, don't want to take the chance. love this knife. well worth the money.

Walmart has a really good selection. Just a simple unassisted liner lock will open just as quick or quicker than any switch with the right amount of thumb chi.

great review!…my edc is a 1660NC2 which is a rusty wallace racing themed version of the knife…I found it on the ground at one of my favorite fishing spots, picked it up because it was a kershaw…cleaned and oiled it and now I love it…and plan on getting one with a g10 handle!

I just got this knife at walmart and I absolutely love it. I've been looking at knives online for the last three days, particularly benchmades emmisary, and I'm so glad that I didn't buy a $150 benchmade when I got this wonderful knife for 50 bucks. I'm not knocking benchmade, I love their knives but this knife does everything single thing I need it to do and it built like a tank for knives in it's class, also has a lifetime warranty. Great review, I subbed.

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