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How TO Make A Pill Bottle Survival Kit (DIY)

I recently put together a small survival kit using common household items including a pill bottle. The contents of the kit cover many of the uses you may find yourself requiring in a survival situation such as cutting tool, first aid, fire starting, cordage, signaling, navigation and fishing. Hope you enjoy the video, it was fun to make.

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Great kit. I would add a little bit of money like a $20 bill i and maybe a quarter in this kit and in the kid's kit that you made in another video. Thanks for posting.

I would use a smaller hook size, #8 or 6, a coil pack of 6 or 8 lb test leader and a few small split shot. It is more probable to catch small fish than large in fresh water and this size hook and leader will hold a large fish should one bite – if you don't try to horse it in. The hooks and shot can be carried in the leader package which is usually 2 plastic disks on a center spindle. Carry extra hooks!
Use the pill bottle for more important gear such as matches or meds

Duct tape wrapped around bottle, then wrap some fishing line, then some cordage secured with ranger bands. Plastic bag for water, rolls up tight, takes hardly any space

ive been watching your channel fir a while i didnt know you live in michigan i do aswell thats funny alot of youtubers arnt from here

I would like to see a candle stub, and maybe a tube of super glue. Super glue to c!ose a wound.

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