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Harnds Talisman CK9168 Knife Review (Coupon in description)

Here is my latest knife review of the Harnds Talisman.

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5 replies on “Harnds Talisman CK9168 Knife Review (Coupon in description)”

Thank you for your review. Very well done overall. I ordered this knife and I'm waiting for it to arrive; your review has increased my anticipation.

a very cool budget design and with bearings too …wow, thanks Jon for reviewing this little known gem 🙂

Thanks Jon, for the review, on this great looking knife!
I doubt too it is a "fake", as was mentioned below, earlier in the comments section. Though your liners do look different, than what is shown here >
In Jake's Canadian Cutting Edge review of this knife. The link I posted, will start the video just a moment before Jake shows the knife taken apart. For a close-up look at those liners.
His knife could be 6 or so months older than yours? So you are likely right, about a design change during production. Mine is now on it's way here. I'll report back, on what I find inside mine.

This Harnds Talisman ck9168 must must be a fake one. First look at the Logo on the Blade – it is without the words "tools & toolI" above the Harnds logo. There are also some more details you can see inside the fake knife, like triangle hols etc. I have the same knife.

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