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Condor Primitive Bush Knife Review

Condor Primitive Bush Knife by Matt Graham. Affordable, Quality Bush Knife for the Outdoors and Survival.

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18 replies on “Condor Primitive Bush Knife Review”

Great Video !! My Condor Primitive will be arriving tomorrow…. very excited !!
I already have the Undertaker and Selkham . Very pleased with both so looking forward to the 3rd !!

Top heavy like a Philippine Bolo,so have power then you swing it..Use the gravity and let it work for you…I will buy maby…

I put a hole in the tab and put a 1 foot piece of paracord through it to tie it onto my belt. I’ve used it in the Louisiana Bayou and the Nicaraguan Jungle…it definitely punches above its weight class. Great knife. I carry it in my get home bag.

Never thought I'd be a fan of 420 stainless , but after testing this blade (strength – ductility – edge retention ) we were impressed . Very comfortable and wish it was 3/16 – .187 thick .
Thanks for your video and ATB .

Great job as always .. looks like a hard working knife .. but I think it needs a sheath with connectivity for your belt .. then again decent sheaths seem to be a problem with a number of big knives .. I have a Cold Steel Smachet .. great knife but I had to have a local guy here in phx area make me a better sheath .. the condor knife looks like a smaller version

Hey I have a question. I live in the California desert area. Do you have any recommendations on things I can do to start? I’m mainly worried about civil unrest. Riots and such. I’ve trained in martial arts. Firearms and bladed weapons. Have any thoughts?

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