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Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid EDC Cobra Belt Review

Full review of the Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid EDC Belt with Cobra buckle…links below…

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11 replies on “Blue Alpha Gear Hybrid EDC Cobra Belt Review”

One question about size? Around my waist is 42" inch…what size of belt u recomend …38 or 46"…please because I want to order one of these. ..I sow the scale but I'm confused. .from alpha talking about

I’m jealous. You have a bigger stomach then me but no love handles. That’s not fair. We are not made equally. Just kidding lol. Great video.

No need to add oil to the Buckle! It's designed to be released ONLY when both tabs are released /depressed simultaneously. That way it cannot accidentally come undone… also it cannot be released under load….again by design…..
Back in the day, troops would cut these seat belts &cobra buckles out of aircraft to make their own belts….

That's not good 70 bucks for a belt your gonna have problems right out of the pack I'm not impresses at all. .. a riggers belt is a good choice used by the army.

Just found your channel. Holy smokes do I love me some Blue Alpha Gear. I'm subbed. Good work here brother!

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