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Spyderco Caribbean Rust Free Pocket Knife Review. OMG A PARA MILITARY 2 KILLA?

The brand new for 2018 Spyderco Caribbean Knife is part of the Salt line of rust free knives using LC200N corrosion proof steel. It has a compression lock like the Para Military 2, but with a larger blade and handle. Is it the Para Military killer we’ve all been waiting for? The milled G10 handle has raised and recessed texture to help it stay in your hand in wet or slimy conditions. In this video I compare it to some ofter Spydercos and Benchmades- like the Paramilitary 2, the Benchmade Fact, and the Endura 4. This might be one of Spydercos coolest offerings this year- and one of my favorites. If you’d like to support this channel buy the Caribbean from a link below:
Serrated Leaf:
Serrated Sheepsfoot:

Compression Lock vs. Liner Lock:

Edit: Update on makeup of liners and screws from Spyderco: “The liner in this model is made from LC200N, the screws are stainless and as you noted the clip is titanium. “

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By the way…where exactly is the secondary market? I’ve never been able to find it. Is it like a deep state knife thing that only a few know about? Many knife channels will review knives that are not available anymore, unless you can find them on the secondary market. I feel so left out. Where is it?

You still loving this knife. I'm really considering this one but I'm hesitant because its large and the price and I'm worried about how it Carrie's. I carry a manix every day but this seems larger. Plus the steel is new to me. How do you like it since you reviewed it. Or have you even carried it since this review lol?

I subscribed. Your narrative was awesome. I hope your other vids are just as funny and frosty. 👍🏻

This is quite possibly my favorite knife review on YouTube. Come for the arcane Jim Morrison reference, stay for the horse semen and Satan worship! Or maybe come for the horse semen. But that's redundant….

One nitpick….you don't ride the Shaman train. You ride the Shaman snake. To the lake. The ancient lake.

Hail Satan!

I've spent years of my life waiting for a Knife Review to mention 'horse semen'. My Bucket List is complete. Thank you, kind Bro.

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