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Schrade SCHF39 Guide Master Slingshot Knife Review

**NOTE** The version shown in his video has been changed to correct the possible safety concern. You can see the change here: ***

The new Schrade SCHF39 Guide Master Slingshot Knife is just plain fun. The full tang knife features a sheath packed with both a course and fine sharpening stone, a ferro rod. ammo holder and, of course, a sling shot.

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24 replies on “Schrade SCHF39 Guide Master Slingshot Knife Review”

Not sure how good you are with a slingshot but I have this same knife and mine is sure scary lol I sure would not want to be hit by it as it went right thru a 1/4to 1/2in thick peice of pine board

You should have shown the storage compartment where the sling shot band is stored. In your video it seems like that band is always on the knife. Thanks tho

It would be nice if Schrade offered that knife in a "without the slingshot" option. Of course, at it's price point one could simply make their own Kydex or leather sheath & still be rather inexpensive. Thank you.

Does it come with two steel options? Some retailers list the blade as 8Cr13MoV & some list it as 1095. Either way it's worth the price point. Also, I was wondering if the sling shot arms/handle components were removable as to just carry the knife & sheath? I've not found that info in any retailer description.

I also like the knife, but man, what's next an air rifle attachment? thanks for sharing it's an interesting concept to say the least.

Not a bad idea but once again, another product, designed with a flaw. Testing by qualified people could have prevented a simple STUPID mistake.

Shorten up the tubes for more speed and power. The tubes could be run down the forks like a wrist rocket, and they won't pull off as easy. Also will give more speed.

I love how you state "survival is always on purpose" It's so true! I had a conversation with my friend on that the other day. Thanks for the vid! Hope to see more

Using small elongated T shaped arrows (if that makes sense) instead of metal balls will make the slingshot alot more effective on small game… granted you will have to do some minor modifications to the rubber band where the ball used to sit..

If only this was built more sturdy and well thought-out. There's no reason a slingshot knife combo couldn't work.

Still, a slingshot by itself that is well-built is probably going to be far more effective than even a much better version of this slingshot knife.

There's also no reason to combine the two really. Does it save that much space to combine 2 tools like that? I don't think so, and whatever space saved is not worth the compromised effectiveness of the slingshot.

hey Brian, Merry Christmas.  I live in Melbourne, Australia and wondered if you can let me know where I can buy the camo hat you wore on this video clip.  Thank you.

Wish id listened more closely now. i bought one thinking the listing was right stating it as 1095 but just called a rep and its indeed 8cr13mov. Im glad you like the steel but i honestly cant stand it. That plus that nub on the handle just make it a bad knife for me.

Good point about knowing the sling shot and how to use it. You do need head shots or you will just wound an animal as im sure he broke ribs . I looked up the knife and it is 1095 high carbon steel? Thanks for the review Bryan.

Great video. Also peta lost all credibility when their members posed for pics holding dismembered animal parts. Just saying.

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