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Nitecore TIP2 Key Chain/EDC Flashlight Review!

Here is the latest from Nitecore with their TIP2! This tiny key chain light can put out 720 lumens if needed! Top notch build quality and performance. This is a USB rechargeable for easy on the go charging. This has a very powerful magnet as well that hold the key ring and clip on. This will not break away from your keys easily. This has to user modes, Daily and Demo which you can choose from. See link below to the and my discount code will save you $$! (Here is my special discount code: BRIDTEC10 to save you $$!)

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10 replies on “Nitecore TIP2 Key Chain/EDC Flashlight Review!”

Hello charles, but price is too high, is there any option by waiting for cut off price..?

Good buildquality. Much better than the Tini, lasted 2 weeks, no longer. This must be better. I really hope so.

Me and the missus have a nitecore tini (got her the SS tropical 😍) and they are incredibly handy. They get used every night. Although my irrational hunger for more lumens has me interested in this! Thanks Charles, love your reviews and your enormous contribution to the community 🔦🙏

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