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Knife Review : Ontario Marine Raider Bowie (SP10) (USA 1095 Fixed Blade Under $53)

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This knife is listed as 1075 steel as of 2019. Both are great tough tool steels, but 1075 is a little more well rounded

I think hogue should start making aftermarket grips for knives like these. Maybe somebody already does but I don't know

This bad boy is an all purpose knife (including fighting) that was born from the need to get more utility from the Marine Ka-bar fighting knife. It was not designed for batoning. And perhaps gloves would be good to include in your outdoorsman kit.

Here in 2019,lol. I want a BK9…but due to lack of cash ATM….I think I will go with this one. I considered the SP53 or the SP5….the 53 because to me the tip would be stronger…but, the 1095 steel on this appeals to me more than the 5160 on the SP53. Still thinking, but, I think The SP10 will win out in the

I love bowie knives but I was looking at between sp53 and sp10. it was a hard choice. I ended up ordering sp53 because of superior chopping. I'll consider getting the raider one day

I paid 54.95 and leaned the edge back abit. I can shave with this knife. Mine has the newer sheath.


I've been using the same one for 15 years. The most used, abused, well loved and babied after use knife I own. I bought another one 2 years ago even though the original is going strong

Jeff i wanted to ask if i order it on amazon ( the link you putted down below ) will it come with a protection case like where to put it in?

Great job on your review. I just purchased one of these knifes the other day and I'm looking forward to using it

hey man I think the company listened to your video cause mine I bought about 6 months ago it has a metal D ring on the end as well as a different latching style instead of both snaps being on top there's the first one that is the top one then the one that goes around the handle goes underneath rather then on top and on the grind on mine was further back on the blade but not all that sharp…

This has been my "GO-To" large knife for many years. It's most definitely my favorite large knife to use on my outings.

Full tang vs. full profile tang. Thats where some folks get confused. Like the USMC Kabar, you see the tang at the end but its a rat tail stick tang. This one is full tang vs the BK9 full profile tang.

I got one for 50 flat, but it was preowned, with a blade like this that doesnt matter.

I have seen a lot reviews on different websites selling this knife and there are just a few that say theirs broke or bent at the hilt like a Ka-Bar does when there is too much lateral force, but I have never actually seen a bent or broken sp10. The only exception is a pretty new video on youtube of a sp10 tip breaking off randomly during the short video.

These Ontario SP10 Raider bowies are an EXTREME VALUE…  They are USA manufactured Knives that come in Cheaper then the Crappy El Salvadorian Condor knives and the same price as the Chinese made Schrade Fixed blade knives….  The sheath is American produced and it made by Bianchi Holsters…  Its US Produced 1095 steel with a proper heat treat…  You simply can not go wrong for 50 bucks… Buy one…

Wow you got one with even grinds! I got the marine raider years ago amd the grinds are all uneven several spec plus knives that i own all have bad quality control

Very good video. I do have a couple of suggestions- and I have not read any comments below btw- #1- I know that it's bushcrafty to use wood to baton with, but instead why not use some type of small hammer? it would get rid of the point sticking issue. #2- If the handle is rubber, why not just use a box knife and cut that pommel swell off? Get rid of the issue all together? Or wrap it with something to cushion the pinky finger? I'm not trying to be a smartass, its just a couple of things I thought of while listening to you speak on the merits of this knife. Thank you again for the information. 

Can you please do a review of the Ontario mk 3? I'm thinking about buying it, and I'd like your opinion of it.

Ya know what Jeff, not a whole lot is going on, finally off for the weekend, thanks for asking! How about you? Keep up the great videos!

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