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Knife Review : Bear-Ops "BearSong IV" (GOOD BALISONG UNDER $100)

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sadly you cant buy this style anymore, id love one of this size for my daily box cutting and breaking down.

they get plenty of neg… buti got a bear and son ss14 for $54 and its real good for the money…. been flipping it for a few months now.
If the pivot pins break Ill do a screw pin conversion conversion

You know, I loved that model the moment I saw Blade HQ’s video on it. They stopped making it, according to the owner, because they were having trouble keeping the blue anodized handles the same color. Well, that’s what’s great about them, every one is unique. Anyhow, they stopped making this model and I got one with a blue raindrop pattern that appears to be paint or shrink-wrap. Not great. I wanted to love this knife for the reasons Jeff stated. I paid $89.99 for mine and it appeared to be quality. I dropped it once prior to red loctiting everything, and lost a pivot pin. Sent me a new one. All good. The tang “cups” on the new versions are pins as well. Threaded through the blade. Even after loctiting these things in, I walked outside and did a simple open/close and did not drop it and one broke. From the impact of the handle. Wow. He claims this isn’t normally an issue and sent me new ones. Wrong size, but he tried. I eventually bought some from the site and now those and my pivot pins, despite the loctite, have been backing off. I am going to get the carbon fiber version Blade HQ has on sale with what appears to be actual tang cups that are part of the blade and if that doesn’t work out, I’m done with this company. Unfortunately, they make the new Bradleys as well, so good luck with the whole middle of the line Balisong thing.

I got extremely lucky with my Bear song IV, I have the satin version, same year as yours. And I found it in an antique shop for $7. So while usually a floppy latch might bug me, for $7 that doesn't really bother me since it's the only issue I've ever had with it. I love it, I carry it quite often.

anyone know which is better small or large balisong? i dont know what size to get i'm new to fipping.

WAIT YOU ARE FORGETTING ONE CATEGORY!!! The ones you make from lego when you cant even afford the 5.99 ones… LOL

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